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Parenting Tips (from the Active Parenting programs)

Freedom within Limits. Allow children to have the freedom to make choices within limits set by the parent. The limits expand as the children grow older.


Treating our children respectfully is a good way to teach them how to treat us – and others – respectfully. Be willing to apologize when you notice that you have treated your child disrespectfully.

. Rather than bossing, give children choices that are appropriate to their age level and responsibility. Remember: Only give choices you can live with.

Communicating with your child clearly teaches him/her how to do the same with you and with others. Use “I” messages to communicate.
“I have a problem with you leaving dirty dishes in the living room."
"I feel taken advantage of."
"Because I have to spend time and energy cleaning up behind you."
"I would like you to bring your dirty dishes to the sink when you are finished.”

Use natural and logical consequences to teach responsibility and provide discipline. Natural consequences are the results that naturally occur as a result of a child’s behavior without the parent doing anything. Logical consequences are logically connected to the misbehavior, are intended to teach responsible behavior and are administered in a firm and calm manner.

Additional Resources: – The official DOD web site for reliable Quality of Life information designed to help troops and their families, leaders and service providers. Whether you live the military lifestyle or support those who do, you'll find what you need!

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