If You Leave

What To Do If Evacuating

Follow all appropriate precautions in the previous section to prepare your house for the hurricane. Listed below are a few tips to help you prepare for an evacuation.

Make sure that your disaster supply kit is prepared and ready to go.

Take pets with you and be prepared to kennel them if necessary.

Set refrigerator and freezer at coldest possible level. Disconnect or turn off all other appliances and trip breakers off.

Plan your evacuation route. Consider heading west on I-10 to Baton Rouge, then head North or West. Be very careful at night. Drive during daylight hours, if possible; take your time, wear your seatbelt, and drive defensively. Staying anywhere less than 100 to 150 miles inland is not recommended.

Motel rooms will be scarce. Make reservations early.

Wear heavy clothing and sturdy shoes (jeans and boots) to prevent cuts, scrapes, or sprained ankles.

Notify immediate family of your route and where you are going.

Inform you chain of command, preferably by a short memo, of where you are going.

Make I.D. cards for each family member listing name, address, phone number, next of kin, and any medical sensitivities.

If you stay in a shelter:

Shelters do not accept pets, liquor, or firearms. Bring only non-perishable food which does not require cooking.

Check-in with the shelter warden when you arrive.

Stay calm and as quiet as possible. Do not go outside. Do not leave the shelter to return home until given the all clear from the shelter warden.

When returning home, do not take shortcuts and do not sightsee in damaged areas.

Thoroughly inspect your home before turning on any appliances or opening gas and water valves.

It is strongly recommend to evacuate to military installations if at all feasible.

***NOTE*** If required, Navy-Marine Corps Relief may offer a temporary loan to members lacking enough funds on hand to evacuate. Requests will be coordinated by the Command Master Chief. Because funding is limited, only those members with a legitimate requirement should request this loan.

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