Post Hurricane Counseling


Following hurricanes and other natural disasters, many are in need of support dealing with hurricane related demands while already juggling the normal stresses of everyday living. The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) works to help commands, families and individuals deal such situations. These services are available to our military team for past and future natural disasters.

Who provides the counseling service?

Licensed professional clinicians.

Why do people request counseling?

Some concerns people have discussed are:

  • Stresses and frustrations due to relocation and rebuilding;
  • Children’s and adolescents’ responses to changing schools, friends, and home locations;
  • Young children’s reactions to big rain storms;
  • Separation from spouse, children or extended family;
  • Deployment for the hurricane when a family member had a crisis;
  • Needing surgery but not having a home to go to for recovery;
  • Living with relatives in cramped quarters;
  • Wanting to talk about experiences or feelings, when others don’t want to listen any more;
  • Losing the home and belongings it took so long to achieve;
  • Experiencing upsetting sights and situations in the aftermath of the hurricane;
  • Not having enough time to take care of one’s own home repairs;
  • Trying to make repair arrangements from a distance while being deployed;
  • Loss of a pet during the hurricane;
  • Not wanting to spend another hurricane season in New Orleans;
  • Feeling overwhelmed by doing more than just one job, since some people didn’t return;
  • Loss of the neighborhood and city as it used to be; and
  • Feeling frustrated, angry, sad, anxious and/or overwhelmed.

For commands, the Fleet and Family Support Center offers consultation and briefings on topics such as stress management, time management, depression, anxiety, assertiveness, and other topics upon request.

Who can use the service?

Service members and family members from any branch.   

How to contact the counselors:

Phone – 504-678-7569

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