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Privatized Housing


Naval Air Station (NAS) Kingsville has one Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing complex located within 4 miles of the main gate.  These are not Navy-owned and operated units; they are commercially owned and operated.  The Navy has contracted with the PPV entity to provide housing to military families at as close to a zero-out-of-pocket rate as possible. 

Military personnel have priority at this complex.  Rents are based on basic allowance for housing (with dependents) for military families at Hunters Cove, while single military and civilians have a fair market rental rate.  If there are no military with dependents on the Housing Service Center (HSC) waiting lists, single military personnel may be placed on the list for housing.  There are different rental rates for singles at Hunters Cove.

HUNTERS COVE - Built in 2002, Hunters Cove has 150 units.  The complex consists of 2 different square footage size three-bedroom units, including 56 small (1,310 SF), 56 large (1,447 SF) and 8 handicap-accessible three-bedroom units (1,274 SF).  There are 30 four-bedroom units:  28 regular units (1,465 SF) and 2 handicap-accessible units (1,480 SF).  There are no two-bedroom units at Hunters Cove.

Upon your arrival the HSC, we will discuss the way rents are calculated in detail.  Hunters Cove has its own website at:  The contact number is (361) 592-8100.  Pets are allowed (no Pit Bulls allowed) with a deposit of $200 (no fee) at Hunters Cove.

A “Military Clause” is honored with a 30-day written notice to vacate.  If orders are not in hand, a 30-day written notice is still required and a copy of orders must be provided once they are received.  The referral lists are maintained by the HSC.  The day-to-day management, maintenance and operations of the complex are the responsibility of property management or the owner manager.  Residents should first contact the PPV property manager when there are concerns or issues regarding occupancy.  Maintenance work requests must be submitted in writing to the management office.

Waiting lists are short right now and you may be able to sign for a unit quickly.  The HSC maintains an oversight role for the PPV complex and continues to provide housing referral support to Service Members as needed.

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