The NAS Kingsville Safety Department’s mission is to establish Safety as a command core value and integrate risk management into every process. To enhance our pilot training mission by providing leadership, mentoring, technical guidance, and resources to aid our civilian and military personnel, their dependents, and visitors to NAS Kingsville in establishing, promoting, and maintaining a safety and healthful environment both on and off duty.

The Safety Department provides routine training classes throughout the year, including vehicle and motorcycle and POV drivers safety, sport bike and ATV safety, hunting safety, and safety management training for supervisors.

Fall Prevention Week - May 2-6, 2016

NAS Kingsville’s Fall Protection/Prevention Week May 2 – 6

 Fall Protection – Action and procedures to effectively protect Navy civilians and military personnel from falling from any elevated surface; or from falling from any height onto dangerous equipment, into a hazardous environment, or onto an impalement hazard.

 Fall Prevention – The elimination and minimization of potential fall hazards, lessening the chance of Navy civilians or military personnel exposure to falls from any height (e.g. sand and salt on icy same level surfaces, tape or protective flat molding over cords crossing pathways, guard rails or walls on walkways or platforms at heights, floors covering openings, area isolation).


  1. Falls from heights are a leading cause of work-related injuries and fatalities.  The Navy continues to experience serious fall related mishaps, which lead to reduced readiness and productivity, as well as high medical and compensation costs resulting from these mishaps.


  2. Mishaps involving falls are generally complex events frequently involving a variety of factors.  Consequently, requirements for fall protection involve both work procedures and equipment-related issues in order to protect workers from recognized hazards.


  4. The Navy requires activities to protect its personnel from recognized hazards.  There is much more to workplace safety than a Navy activity representative arriving at a work site with a copy of the pertinent standards in hand.  Navy activities have a duty to anticipate the need to work at heights and to plan their work activities accordingly – this means that effective mishap prevention must be incorporated into the job planning process.  Falls are preventable.  Careful planning and preparation lay the necessary groundwork for an accident-free workplace.


    This week the Safety Department will be sending out Fall Protection/ Prevention Awareness information.  Also, all are strongly encouraged to complete Course 1259 (Navy Fall Protection (Slips, Trips and Same Level Falls) Awareness) to strengthen their knowledge and awareness on Fall Protection/Prevention measures.

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