Naval Air Station Pensacola Notification
Despite a recent Department of Defense (DoD) directive, base weapons policy aboard NAS Pensacola is unchanged.
DoD Directive 5210.56 Arming and the Use of Force, effective Nov. 18, does not affect the U.S. Navy or NASP's weapons policy, which remains in place. Force protection and safety remain top concerns.
According to Navy General Regulation 1159 Possession of Weapons, "Except as may be necessary to the proper performance of his or her duty or as may be authorized by proper authority, no person in the naval service shall:
a. have concealed about his or her person any dangerous weapon, instrument or device, or any highly explosive article or compound, or
b. have n his or her possession any highly dangerous weapon, instrument or device or any highly explosive article or compound on board any ship, craft, aircraft, or in any vehicle of the naval service wor within any base or other place under naval jurisdiction."
Further, OpNavInstruction 5530.14E, 0306 Personal Firearms Safety, Control and Accountability, states: "Personal firearms shall not be possessed, used, introduced, transported, or stored on board a Navy installation."

Welcome to Naval Air Station Pensacola

Welcome to Naval Air Station Pensacola located on the Florida Gulf Coast. We are committed to fully supporting the operational and training missions of tenants assigned; enhancing the readiness of the U.S. Navy, its sister armed services and other customers.

Installation Information

NAS Pensacola, situated in Escambia County, employs more than 16,000 military and 7,400 civilian personnel. This includes major tenant commands: Naval Aviation Schools Command, Naval Air Technical Training Center, Marine Aviation Training Support Group 21 and 23, the Blue Angels, and the headquarters for Naval Education Training Command, a command which combines direction and control of all Navy education and training.



NAS Pensacola Access Procedures


   All unescorted visitors to the National Naval Aviation Museum, Fort Barrancas and Pensacola Lighthouse who do not possess a DoD identification card, are required to enter the installation via the West Gate (Blue Angel Parkway).


   NAS Pensacola's main gate (Navy Blvd) is open to all employees, military and DoD cardholders, as well as previously vetted personnel who possess a valid visitor's pass.  Visitors to the installation and Barrancas National Cemetery may obtain a visitor's pass from the Visitors Control Center (VCC), Bldg. 777 at the main gate or may be accompanied by a federal employee or military member who will serve as their escort; this individual can escort no more than 10 people at a time and serves as a trusted individual responsible for the group. Visitors may also obtain a pass by downloading/completing Base Access Pass Registration and provide the completed document to VCC personnel upon arrival to expedite the process. NAS Pensacola VCC hours of operation are 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. M-F, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Sat/Sun


In accordance with the REAL ID Act of 2005:


    Visitors requesting installation access who are not in possession of an approved government issued credential or state driver's license compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005 must present an additional form of ID, e.g., passport, school ID, voter registration card, Native American Tribal Document, Federal, state or local issued ID card.


    State driver's licenses from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and identification cards from American Samoa are non-compliant with the Real ID Act.

For additional information and guidance regarding NAS Pensacola access, please contact the Visitor's Control Center at (850) 452-4153. To print a request for base access, click here 



PENSACOLA, Fla. --- Naval Air Station Pensacola has been named a recipient of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Cultural Resources Management Award while Carrie Williams, NAS Pensacola Cultural Resources Department, received an award in the Cultural Resources Management Individual/Team category.

     The CNO Environmental Awards program recognizes Navy ships, installations, individuals, and teams for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to improving the environmental performance of the Navy.

     “Congratulations to all our accomplished winners for their impressive achievements in protecting environmental assets while maintaining mission readiness. The Navy commends you for your innovative and tireless efforts to demonstrate environmental stewardship and ensure national security,” said Vice Adm. Philip H. Cullom, deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics.

    Winners will now move on to compete at the Secretary of the Navy and then Department of Defense level of the environmental awards program.



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