Building 16

Directly across from Quarters A is an octagonal two-story building. Constructed in 1834, it is the oldest intact building in the area of the Old Navy Yard. Between 1859 and 1886 it was used as an armory then a chapel. Because it was a chapel, the Confederates didn’t raze the building when they retreated from the Navy Yard in 1862. Building 16 has since served as a dispensary, Commissioned Officers’ Mess, School of Aviation Medicine, and the Navy Relief Society. Building 16 is currently the home of the Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary, Trial Service Office (TSO).

Building 16 is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of the Marine Captain Guy Hall, aviator #3,751. In 1924, Captain Hall, enjoyed playing poker when he wasn’t working as a flight instructor. While playing, he had a habit of picking up his poker chips, then letting them fall to the table.

Captain Hall died during a training mission in the 1920s. On more than one occasion since that fateful day, people in Building 16 have heard what sounds like poker chips hitting the table.






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