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Move Preparation

To start the preparations for your move, obtain a detailed PCS Checklist to help you direct your efforts.

Relocation Assistance Program, Fleet and Family Support Center - (850) 452-5990
The Relocation Assistance Program at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) can give you information about your next military installation, and help you prepare for your upcoming move.  Visit us in Building 625 to pick up information on everything from housing and childcare to recreation activities at your next base.

Smooth Move Class:
A representative from the Personal Property Office teaches this workshop, covering topics such as Household Goods, Personnel Support Division, Housing, and Legal.  Come and learn about your PCS entitlements and reimbursables!  This class is held at the FFSC Building 625 on a monthly basis.  Call the FFSC to sign up for the next class.

Personal Property Office - (850) 452-4654
The NAS Personal Property Office provides complete household goods services for all military services and DoD Personnel and their family members.  If you are going to be making a PCS move from Pensacola, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Orders
The process begins with your PCS orders.  You must have your PCS orders or a Letter of Intent from your command to begin setting up your move with the Personal Property Office.  Your orders authorize your entitlements and provide the accounting information needed to fund your move.  A counselor at the Personal Property Office will brief you on your entitlements based on your orders.

Step 2 - Order Processing
Once you complete your briefing and your application paperwork at the Personal Property Office, the paperwork is forwarded for consignment (booking) to a specific carrier.

Step 3 - Moving Day

  • Members or their designated representatives are required to be at the scheduled pickup and delivery addresses from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on the days household goods are packed, loaded, or unpacked.
  • If an emergency comes up and the member is forced to change the dates of the packout and move, the member or member's representative must contact the Personal Property Office as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to obtain a copy of the GBL, the DD-619 (if CONUS), and the Household Goods Inventory from the packers before they leave the residence (see Three Critical Documents at Origin).  Insure the inventory reflects the true condition of the property, and be certain everything is listed on the inventory.  Review it carefully and keep a copy with other important moving papers.
  • Remove all the trash from your house before the movers arrive - otherwise, you could be unpacking trash at your next duty station! 
  • Secure pets while your household goods are being packed to insure that they do not jump into moving boxes.
  • Keep all your valuable items in a separate and secure place while your household goods are being packed up, such as in the trunk of your car.
  • Check the entire house BEFORE releasing the packers to make sure that nothing is left behind which needs to be moved.  THE PACKERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RETURN TO THE RESIDENCE AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN RELEASED.

Step 4 - Arrival Checklist

  • Members will be given the telephone number of the Transportation Office at their new duty station.  They should contact the office as soon as possible upon arrival even though they may not know the delivery address for their household goods.  The office should be provided with a phone number where the member or designated representative may be reached.
  • Contact the destination Personal Property Office to arrange for delivery of personal property.
  • Arrange for phone, gas, and electricity to be connected.
  • Before the moving van arrives, clean the hard to reach places in the new residence.
  • Know in advance where to place each piece of furniture.  The mover is required  to place each piece only one time.
  • Have Three Critical Documents at your destination: Inventory, DD Form 1840, DD Form 1840R.
  • At the time of delivery, the member is entitled to the reassembly of all items that were disassembled by the carrier.  In addition, the member is entitled to have all items unpacked, with the packing materials removed from the residence, unless specifically waived by the member.
  • Note: The carrier is not required to return to the residence to pick-up packing material after the member has released the carrier from the unpacking requirement.
  • All damages and missing items discovered at this time MUST be listed on the DD Form 1840, and the member should ensure three legible copies of the DD Form 1840 are received.  This is NOT A CLAIM, only a record of loss or damage.  Any additional loss or damage discovered after the carrier has completed delivery should be noted on reverse side of DD Form 1840R. 

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