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Three Critical Documents at Destination

Make sure you have these three forms when your household goods are delivered at their destination:

1.     Household Goods Descriptive Inventory
Be sure to check of each item and make necessary notes (on your copies) as to missing or damaged items and/or opened cartons.  For damaged items from cartons, hold on to the item and list the carton number.
Be aware that when you sign the carrier's copies of inventory you are agreeing to receiving all your items in the condition stated on the inventory, unless you make written notification on DD-1840, "Joint Statement of Loss and Damage at Delivery."

2.     DD Form 1840 (pink form)
It is critical that all missing or damaged items be listed by the correct inventory number with a description of the item and the nature and extent of damage (scratched, broken, etc.).
Failure to list missing or damaged items will jeopardize your claim.  You will receive three (3) legible copies of this form at delivery.
Ensure that all blocks are filled out.
All visual damage must be cited at the time of delivery.
If no missing items or damage is noted, write "NONE" in the descriptive column.

3.     DD Form 1840R (pink form, reverse side of DD 1840)
The reverse side of DD Form 1840 is used to list any additional loss or damage you discover after the carrier has completed your delivery.  It is critical that you list all additional items by inventory number, description of item and nature and extent of damage.  If an item is missing, note "MISSING".

Note: This form must be completed and submitted to the Destination Claims Office within 70 days from the date of delivery.  Failure to report loss of damage within 70 days or to properly complete DD-1840R allows the carrier to deny liability.  In almost all cases, the amount of carrier liability is equal to amounts claimed and therefore could result in a 100% reduction from your claim settlement.

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