Traffic Regulations

The base-wide speed limit is 20 MPH unless otherwise posted. Security Force personnel utilize radar in traffic enforcement.

NASP regulations require the use of an approved D.O.T. helmet, protective eye device, proper reflective outerwear, long sleeves, pants, fully fingered gloves and sturdy over the ankle footwear to operate a motorcycle on base. Personnel assigned to NAS are required to complete an approved Motorcycle Safety Course before you can register the bike on base.

NAS Pensacola has a “zero tolerance” for drunk driving or driving under the influence of any controlled substance. Security Personnel aggressively enforce DUI laws on base. Violators will be arrested and their vehicle impounded. All DUI offenses are referred to federal court.

Radar Detectors
The operation of radar detectors on base is prohibited. Violators will be ticketed and the device confiscated.

Seatbelts are mandatory for all vehicle occupants while on base. Naval regulations mandate the use of seatbelts for all military personnel off base as well.

Cell Phones (Non-Hands Free)
The use of cell phones on base is prohibited. Violators will be ticketed.

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