20140914-N-WW980-001 Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Fla. - The courtyard between the NAS Whiting Field Command Building and the Atrium is just one of the many picturesque spots on board the installation. U.S. Navy photo by Jay Cope.

Welcome to what could be the best tour of your military career.  Naval Air Station Whiting Field is the home of Training Air Wing FIVE and together we form the backbone of Naval Aviation Training.  More than 60 percent of all primary flight training is performed through at NAS Whiting Field and EVERY Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard helicopter pilot receives their initial rotary winged training here.  Roughly 15 percent of all Navy flight hours are performed here annually and about 11 percent of the Navy and Marine Corps flight hours.

Training Air Wing FIVE hosts 148 T-6 Texan II aircraft for fixed-wing training and 113 TH-57 helicopters for rotary wing training.  With more than 260 aircraft, the two airfields at NAS Whiting Field proper are insufficient to handle the air traffic.  The base is therefore augmented with 13 other Navy Outlying Landing Fields (NOLFs) to spread out the 120,000 to 160,000 flight hours accumulated here annually.  This accounts for more than ONE MILLION flight hours annually, more than Atlanta-Hartsfield - the busiest civilian airport in the United States.

While NAS Whiting Field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the world, it is also located in an area with some of the most beautiful beaches and natural beauty in the world. From expansive forests, to the pristine Blackwater River, to the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Santa Rosa County is a great place to live and work.

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