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What is HEAT?

HEAT stands for Housing Early Application Tool. Navy Housing has developed HEAT to assist service members (SVMs) and their families in applying for housing Navywide.  HEAT allows SVMs and their families to apply for housing at one or more Navy installations online before or after they receive their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.

HEAT creates an easy user experience.  Spouses can use the application as well, needing only minimal information about their SVM.

All you need to get started:

  • Sponsor's Last Name
  • Sponsor's Social Security Number
  • Your Contact Information
  • New Duty Location(s)

HEAT is available for Sailors and their families PCSing to the  five pilot sites:

  1. NAVSTA Rota
  2. NAF Atsugi
  3. NAVAL COMPLEX San Diego
  4. NAVBASE Kitsap
  5. NAVSTA Mayport

HEAT is now available for the following Regions:

Naval District Washington

Navy Region Mid Atlantic

Navy Region Mid West

Look for HEAT to be launched Navywide by 30 June 2012!

HEAT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Who can use HEAT?
A. Any active duty service member (SVM) or their spouse moving onto a Navy installation.  Also, DoD civilians transferring to overseas Navy installations.

Q. Does using HEAT place the SVM on the housing wait list earlier or in a higher spot?

A. No.  Position on the housing wait list is determined by regulations based on SVM housing priority and detachment date from current duty station.  HEAT allows SVMs to make earlier contact, complete their application and, after receiving orders, be placed on the wait list.  

Q. Is it necessary to use a government computer for HEAT?
A. You can access and use HEAT from ANY computer.  You do not need a government computer or a CAC to use it.  All you need is the social security number of the SVM.

Q. Is HEAT secure?
A. HEAT meets all DoD requirements for protection of your privacy and personal information.

Q. I don't have my orders but I know where I'm going.  Can I use HEAT?
A. YES! SVMs or their spouses may use HEAT at any time to request information about housing or to check on their eligibility for Navy or privatized housing.

Q. What information do I need to provide for HEAT?

A. Like other Navy processes, the SVM's social security number and last name are used to access your record.  In addition, you will need to provide the applicant's best contact phone number and email address.  

Q. Can unaccompanied SVMs and civilian personnel entitled to military housing use HEAT?
A. YES! Unaccompanied SVMs and civilian personnel are encouraged to utilize HEAT to contact the Housing Service Center (HSC) at any Navy installation.

Q. Does HEAT allow the SVM to select the type of housing they want?
A. This is not a current feature.

Q. Can SVMs/Spouses apply to more than one installation?
A. :Yes, you may submit HEAT applications to as many installations as you like.  You will be contacted by, and receive information from, each installation.

Q. I've applied.  What happens next?

A. Someone from the HSC will contact you within one business day to get the process started. PLEASE NOTE:  Some Navy Housing Service Centers have limited staffing.  If you have not received information from the HSC in a reasonable amount of time, please contact them directly.  

Ready to begin? 

Be sure to bookmark this page as all HEAT updates and links will be posted here!

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