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Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan for the Naval Air Station Whiting Field Complex

The goal of the INRMP is to implement an ecosystem-based conservation program that: provides for conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources in a manner consistent with the military mission; integrates and coordinates all natural resources; provides for sustainable multipurpose uses of natural resources; and provides public access for use of natural resources subject to safety and military security considerations.

Program Overview:

  • NASWF Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) (This document contains 385 pages and may take a few minutes to load.)
  • Bird/Animal Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) Plan
  • NASWF Natural Resources Conservation Award 2003
  • NASWF 2003 Award Summary
  • NASWF INRMP Success Story


Out Lying Fields (OLFs):

  • NASWF NOLF Harold Success Story
  • NASWF NOLF Holly Two Species


Protected Species:

  • Flatwoods Salamander
  • Protected Species






Student Conservation Association (SCA) position description



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