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Please check all ingredients before sending in food items. Please read the UPDATE below:

The Pre-K classrooms do not serve products made with peanuts/tree nuts however, we cannot guarantee that this is a nut-free environment.

Please check the package on EVERYTHING you bring into Pre-K. This goes for cupcakes, cookies, candy, etc. Peanut/nut allergies often require Epi-pens and should be taken very seriously.

You can purchase mini-cupcakes from Walmart that have been specifically made peanut-free. Please make sure ANYTHING you bring in is labeled PEANUT-FREE by the manufacturer. We will not be able to serve baked items that do not have this label/sticker.

Check out Snack Safely's website for additional peanut-free snacks.


Please keep in mind that I need at least ONE (1) week notice if you plan to bring in cake/cupcakes (or snacks) to celebrate with the class. REMEMBER: We do not serve any products that contain peanuts/nuts. Any food brought in MUST BE STORE-BOUGHT and needs to have a label from the manufacturer stating it is peanut-free.


Our Parent & Child Lending Library consists of literacy and hands-on backpacks that can be checked out and taken home to use for extra practice. CLICK HERE FOR CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES

Each class has a set of back packs. Over time, we will rotate these packs so each class can have a different set. This will allow the kids to explore different topics throughout the school year.

If your child is in need of help with a more specific skill, we can always "make" you a hands-on lending pack or a specific literacy pack that best suits their needs. These packs will need to be signed out just as the ones listed above (same rules apply). See your classroom teacher if you need a pack of this nature. (Examples: shoe tying, cutting, etc.)

There are also materials for adults to check out. This includes books about parenting, discipline, things to do with your child outside, things to craft with your child, and more. Check-out procedures for parents are the same as for children.


If you can donate any of these items (you may already have them around the house) please let us know and bring them in. Please note that none of these items will be returned to you. They will become part of our classroom to enhance learning. We greatly appreciate your donations.

  • Kids’ magazines. We will add them to our DEAR bin.
  • Children's books that you don't want anymore. We will add them to our DEAR bin.
  • Used printer ink cartridges. We recycle them and earn items for our classroom.
  • Amazon gift cards. We have Kindles in our classroom and this will allow us to purchase learning apps and e-books.

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