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Relocation Assistance

Welcome aboard the Naval construction Battalion Center Gulfport, MS.
"Home of the Atlantic Fleet Seabees"

Before you leave

Moving from family, friends and familiar surroundings can sometimes be frightening and somewhat stressful. Planning ahead is one way to make your move to Gulfport a little easier.

Please check in with the Household Goods/Transportation Office (In/Outbound) at the FFSC below is their address and telephone information:
Personal Property Transportation Office (FISC)
Bldg 30
Gulfport MS., 39501
Phone (228) 871-3000
Phone (DSN) 868-1000

To ensure a place for your family to stay for the first few days, it is a good idea to make reservations in advance either at the Navy Lodge or a local motel (Lodging on the Mississippi Gulf Coast).

The Navy Lodge, located in Building 328 on 1st Street on NCBC Gulfport, has 30 one-bedroom units, each with two full size beds, a fully equipped kitchen, and private bath. Those under Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders may make reservations at any time in advance by calling (228) 864-3101, 1 800 NAVY INN. Be sure to include your expected arrival date (check in by 3 - 6 p.m.). No pets are allowed, check at the front desk for Kennel information. Later arrivals can guarantee a room with a credit card.

You can get your whole family involved in your move. Let them browse this Web Site, show them maps of the area and let them help plan the trip. This can make the difference between sharing an adventure and coping with frustration.

A checklist of other items that need to be done before moving day follows: Notify post office of forwarding address.

  • Send change of address cards to magazines, credit card companies and others as needed.
  • Stop any home delivery services and settle bills. Notify utility companies.
  • Transfer insurance on car, home, etc., and check to see if personal possessions are covered during the move.
  • Notify your children's schools of the move and arrange to get or forward their school records.
  • Notify your clergyman and obtain any necessary documents of birth, baptism, etc., that you may need.
  • Get records from any private doctors or dentists whom you have been using.

It's Your Move!

Military Move
Move Preparation
Personally Procured Moves (PPM)

Critical Information

Mississippi Department of Transportation Web Site:

Welcome to Mississippi! Before you set out to explore your new state, you should take care of a few business matters because of the time limits involved.

Get a Mississippi Driver's License

Upon moving to the state, you have 60 days to apply for your Mississippi driver's license. Simply make a trip to the nearest driver's license office with all the necessary documentation. You can get the scoop on everything you'll need in the section titled Applying for a New License.

Register Your Vehicle

You will also need to register your vehicle and apply for a new Mississippi car tag at your county tax collector's office within 30 days. The state collects a privilege tax, registration fees, ad valorem taxes and possible sales or use taxes when you apply for the tag. The registration fee for a new tag is $10; all other fees and taxes are based on the vehicle's value and the county where you live. For more registration information, go to Registrations.

Note: When you buy a car in Mississippi, you only have seven business days to register it with the State.

Insure Your Vehicle

Liability insurance is required in Mississippi, but it is not enforced through the tag or licensing offices. If a law enforcement officer stops you, he/she will ask for your proof of insurance and you will be ticketed if you do not have it.

The Fun Stuff

After you arrive, you'll soon learn that the deep south has a plethora of wonderful assets. From the more than 100 miles of coastline to the antebellum plantations dotting the ever-changing landscape, Mississippi offers activities and pastimes sure to make you fall in love with your new state in no time.

The area's food is as varied as its people. You'll experience down-home Southern fare such as savory grits and deep-fried catfish, big-city-style nouveau cuisine, and delectable and spicy regional offerings such as shrimp Creole and jambalaya. The Mississippi Visitor's Bureau (CVB) is a great resource to sink your teeth into when it comes to finding the perfect eatery. With a click of your mouse you can search Mississippi restaurants by region.

Also on the CVB web site, you'll find links to your area's museums, historical homes, fine arts, landmarks, attractions.


The Mississippi MVL issues vehicle registrations and titles in the state, as well as maintains the official vehicle ownership and registration records in Mississippi.

Besides establishing the legally registered owner during the sale of a vehicle, the Mississippi MVL also takes on the responsibility of regulating and issuing the decals, or tags, that prove that a Mississippi vehicle's registration and paperwork are current.

If you lose your Mississippi vehicle registration, you will need to file for a replacement through the MS MVL. Other vehicle registration transactions handled by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau include: how to register a salvaged car; how to register an imported car; how to renew your registration while in the military; and, how to register antique vehicles or farm equipment.

Vehicle Registration

While the Mississippi Department of Public Safety takes care of all driver licensing needs, the Mississippi State Tax Commission handles vehicle registration. You can register your car and get tags at your county tax collector's office: Hancock, Harrison, Jackson.

Note: The Mississippi State Tax Commission issues tags to both the owner and the vehicle. Therefore, you must surrender the tag to the state when you change cars. Original titles are needed for all new vehicles and for vehicles with an original out-of-state ownership. If the vehicle is used, or has already been titled within Mississippi, it will need a title transfer.

When to Register

You have seven days after purchasing a car to register it without penalty; if you are new to Mississippi, you have 30 days to register your vehicles after you arrive as long as they have current registration tags from your last state. Should you let those tags expire, even though you have recently moved from another state, Mississippi will hold you accountable to cover the full annual tax as well as penalty fees.

What to Bring When you apply for a title, you will need the following documentation:

  • Manufacturer's certificate of origin for new or previously untitled vehicles, or the current title assigned to you.
  • Completed Application for Title, Form 78-002.
  • Odometer disclosure.
  • Bill of Sale, showing you as new owner.
  • Appropriate fees (see below).

Where to Go

The gross vehicle weight (GVW) determines where you go to register your motor vehicle:

  • GVW of 10,000 pounds or less: register at your local county tax collector's office where you live or store the vehicle.
  • GVW of more than 10,000 pounds and only travels in state: register at your local county tax collector's office and the State Office will give you your tags.
  • GVW of more than 10,000 pounds and travels across state borders: register at the State Office (in Clinton).


Registration fees in Mississippi are $10 for the first time, $8.75 for renewals. The state also collects a privilege tax, ad valorem, and sales taxes, all based on the value of your vehicle and the county in which you live. Contact your county tax collector for specifics: Hancock, Harrison, Jackson.

Online Tag Renewals

Some Mississippi counties are now offering online renewals for your vehicle registration. You can renew your registration with MS1Stop if you live in the following counties:

  • Alcorn
  • Desoto
  • Hancock
  • Harrison
  • Jackson
  • Lafayette
  • Lauderdale
  • Lee
  • Madison
  • Rankin
  • Warren

If you live in Hinds County you may renew online, using another service.

If your county is not registered, you'll need to renew in person at your local tax commissioner's office: Hancock, Harrison, Jackson.

Fast-Track Titling

Mississippi offers a "Fast Track" program for titling a vehicle, for an additional $34 fee. Titles are required to be issued within 72 hours of application if all paperwork is correct and complete; if not, the entire application will be rejected. If you mail the application, please allow time for it to be mailed back to you.

You will need to complete an application and submit it with the required documents listed above. You can apply in person in at 1577 Springridge Road, Raymond MS. or you can send your form and documentation by regular mail (FedEx and UPS not accepted) to:

Mississippi Fast-Track Title Program
P. O. Box 22845
Jackson MS 39225-2845


Mississippi does enforce a helmet law. The manual provides useful information about selecting a helmet, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation provides additional resources for safety and training

(Search for a Mississippi Code )

Seat Belt law - 63-2-1

SEC. 63-2-1. Requirement of use of safety seat belt system by operator and passengers in passenger motor vehicle; protection of children.

(1) Every operator and front-seat passenger of a passenger motor vehicle operated in forward motion on the highways of this state shall wear a properly fastened safety seat belt system, required to be installed in the vehicle when manufactured pursuant to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208. Children under the age of two (2) years shall be protected as required by Sections 63-7-301 through 63-7-313.

63-7-301 Required device or belt positioning booster seat system; failure to provide and use device or belt positioning booster seat system not deemed negligence.

(1) (a) Every person transporting a child under the age of four (4) years in a passenger motor vehicle, and operated on a public roadway, street or highway within this state, shall provide for the protection of the child by properly using a child passenger restraint device or system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

(b) Every person transporting a child in a passenger motor vehicle operated on a public roadway, street or highway within this state, shall provide for the protection of the child by properly using a belt positioning booster seat system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards if the child is at least four (4) years of age, but less than seven (7) years of age and measures less than four (4) feet nine (9) inches in height or weighs less than sixty-five (65) pounds.

(c) If more than two (2) children who are required under subsection (1) of this section to use a booster seat are being transported in a vehicle at one time, and the vehicle only has two (2) lap and shoulder belts in the rear seat, then only the two (2) children sitting in the seats with the lap and shoulder belts are required to use a belt positioning booster seat system and safety belt, and any other children may be secured with a safety seat lap belt only.

(2) The term "passenger motor vehicle" as used in Sections 63-7-301 through 63-7-311 has the same meaning as defined in Section 63-2-1(2). Sections 63-7-301 through 63-7-311 do not apply to the vehicles described in Section 63-2-1(3).

(3) Failure to provide and use a child passenger restraint device or system or a belt positioning booster seat system shall not be considered contributory or comparative negligence.

63-7-303. Duties, rights, liabilities, etc., between parent and child.

No provision of Sections 63-7-301 through 63-7-313 shall be construed as creating any duty, standard of care, right or liability between parent and child that is not recognized under the laws of the state of Mississippi as they exist on July 1, 1983, or as they may at any time in the future be constituted by statute or court decision.

63-7-305. Enforcement.

The provisions of Section 63-7-301 may be enforced by any duly sworn law enforcement officer of this state, or of any county or political subdivision thereof.

63-7-309. Penalties.

Any person convicted of violating the provisions of Section 63-7-301 shall be fined not more than Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) for each offense.


You must maintain a minimum of liability insurance on all of your vehicles, and you must also carry proof of insurance in your car at all times. The minimum coverage allowed by law includes:

  • $25,000 per person (single accident)
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

For a first-time offense, you will be fined $1,000 and your license will be suspended for one year, or until you provide proof of insurance. Stiffer penalties occur on second and subsequent offenses if you fail to get coverage.


Automobile accidents are headaches. Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Call the police, even if you think an officer is not needed.
  • Be sure to get names, addresses, phone numbers, tag numbers and insurance information from the other parties involved in the accident. If possible, also take down driver's license numbers of the other drivers.
  • Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible after the accident.
  • To help jog your memory at a later date, write down everything you can about the accident as soon as you can, your version of what actually happened, position of the cars, weather and road conditions, traveling speeds, and damage done to all vehicles.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.

Insurance Tips

Mississippi provides a list of tips for helping to keep your automobile insurance affordable:

  • Keep a good driving record avoid accidents, speeding tickets, and driving under the influence.
  • Choose a higher deductible.
  • Ask your agent about multi-car, students, safe-driving, and educational discounts. You may also get discounts for purchasing your homeowner's and automobile insurances from the same company. Depending on your age, you may also qualify for a Senior discount.
  • Pay your premiums regularly and on time. Late payments affect rates.
  • Before you buy a car, research insurance costs. Some cars have higher rates than others because of performance or safety. Sports cars are notorious for having higher insurance rates.
  • Teen drivers will save money by staying on their parent's policy as long as possible, rather than setting up a policy themselves.
  • If your vehicle does not have a loan against it, consider buying only liability insurance, rather than comprehensive and collision. You might end up paying more in insurance than your car is worth. Check values and talk with your agent before making this decision.


If you are involved in an accident and feel your insurance company has not provided what you have been paying for, you can contact the Mississippi Insurance Department to hear your complaint. Call or write:

Mississippi Insurance Department
1001 Woolfolk State Office Building
501 North West St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Toll-free: (800) 562-2957
Jackson area: (601) 359-2453

Your first License

Mississippi residents may apply for their driver's license at a younger age than any other state once you turn 16 years and six-months old, and you have had your learner's permit for one year, you may apply for the full Class R driver's license. Be sure to pick up a state driver's manual at your local driver's license office to read up on safety practices and rules of the road. Unfortunately, the manual is not yet available online.

What to Bring

When you apply for your license, take the following information to your nearest driver's license office:

  • Completed application.
  • Proof of residency. The following may work: electric or water bill, lease agreement, vehicle-registration receipt, mortgage documents, homestead exemption receipt, bank statement, notarized employer verification on company letterhead (with a phone number) that states your address, your parent or guardian's state driver's license (valid for those who are under 21).
  • Social Security card (non-metal) or a print out from the Social Security Administration.
  • Certified birth certificate.
  • If you are under 18, you will need to provide a Certificate of Attendance from your school. This form is only valid for 30 days.


  • Regular Class R Driver's License (new or renewal): $20
  • Regular Class R Driver's License for drivers younger than 18: $5
  • Learner's Permit (Class LP) for 15 year olds, or 14 year olds enrolled in a driver training program at school: $3
  • Intermediate License, a step above the learner's permit that allows unsupervised driving from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.: $5


All drivers must pass a written test, unless you are over the age of 18 and have held a driver's license from another state for more than six months. Written tests are offered in English and Spanish at all locations. You can take your road test at all locations except for the headquarters in Jackson.

You will also be given a vision test. In order to pass, you must have:

  • 20/40 vision without corrective lenses
  • 20/70 vision with corrective lenses
  • Visual field of at least 150 degrees

Mississippi does have certain restrictions on the power of the corrective lenses, how they are fitted, and who prescribes them. The State also requires a letter from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Therefore, if you wear glasses or contact lens, get the letter first, and then bring it with you when you apply for your license in person.

Note: Bioptic telescopes are permitted to pass the vision test and to use while driving.

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