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Navy Region Southeast
School Liaison Directory

Naval Construction Battalion Center

School Liaison Officer       Office Phone   228-871-2117
Building 352                     Cell Phone      228-224-4521
1706 Bainbridge Avenue    Fax                 228-871-2967
Gulfport, MS 39501           Hours              0730-1600

Mississippi Department of Education

To enroll your child in Mississippi Public Schools, you must present the following:

1. A Mississippi Compliance Form (121) Take your child’s shot record to the Harrison County Health Department (228-863-1036), a community physician, or to the CBC Branch Medical Clinic Immunizations Section (228-871-2810, then press 5) to obtain a compliance form.

2. Child’s social security card.

3. Certified copy of child’s birth certificate.

4. Two proofs of residency-acceptable proof-deed, lease agreement,
parent/guardian drivers license with Mississippi address, utility bills.

The Director of Housing has a Letter of Domicile that can act as one proof if needed.

5.  If you are entering school mid-year, we recommend you provide samples of your child’s work from your most recent school.  Also, report cards, progress reports, current IEP, withdrawal documentation from previous school, and standardized test scores if possible.Harrison County

    Harrison School District
    Biloxi School District
    Gulfport School District
    Long Beach School District
    Pass Christian School District

    Hancock County
    Bay St. Louis and Waveland District
    Hancock County School District

    Jackson County
    Gautier and Pascagoula School District
    Ocean Springs School District
    Jackson County School District
    Moss Point School District

    Stone County
    Stone County School District

    Pearl River County
    Pearl River County District
    Picayune School District
    Phone: (601) 798-3230
    Poplarville School District

    Slidell, Louisiana
    For information on ST. Tammany Schools, call the Slidell Annex at: (985) 646-4917, or click on this link

Frequently Asked Questions

6. At what age can my child start school in Mississippi?
Children must be 5 years old on or before September 1.

7. Does NCBC Gulfport have a school on base?  No

8. If I live in base housing can I choose which school district my children will attend?  The school districts require a student to attend the school designated for their residence; however, in March, 2013, the Governor approved House Bill 879 which reads:  An act to amend section 37-15-29, Mississippi Code of 1972, to allow parents or legal guardians who are active members of the United States Armed Forces or Civilian Military Personnel and who reside on a military base to enroll their children in any school district of the parent’s or legal guardian’s choosing, subject to certain conditions; and for related purposes.

This law allows school district choice if you live on base. 

9. Which school is best to attend?  Each parent and child must decide which school best meets their needs.  Visit prospective schools either personally or via the internet.  Search for school related information on the following sites:

    School Quest
    Great Schools
    School matters
    School Digger
    Military Child Education Coalition-ask Aunt Peggy

To see school, district, and state report cards follow these directions: 

    a. Go to (Mississippi Department of Education)
    b. Under MDE Quick Links click on state, district, and school report cards
    c. Choose a school to review data

10. If I know where I will live, how can I find out which school my child will attend?  If you are not sure which school district you reside in, ask your realtor or contact the School Liaison Officer at 228-871-2117.

11. Do schools offer a preschool program?  Only a few school districts have a pre-k program.  They have qualification requirements and fees involved.  Our base Child Development Center, 228-871-2323 offers a full pre-school program.

12.  Can I home school in Mississippi?  Yes, any parent is permitted by law to teach his or her own children in a home instruction program.  The state has a minimal amount of regulation that families must follow to legally home school.  By September 15, of each year, parents are required to submit a certificate of enrollment for each child age 6-17 by September 1.  Call the School Attendance Officer for more information, 228-865-4708.

13. Are there support groups for home school families?  Please visit these websites:

    Advocates for homeschooling
    Mississippi Home Education Association
    Home School Central

14. Are there private and parochial schools near NCBC? Yes, there are many religious and secular schools located in South Mississippi.

    Catholic Diocese Web site
    Holy Trinity Catholic School
    Nativity BVM Academy 
    Our Lady Academy
    Resurrection Middle/High School
    Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School
    St. Alphonsus Catholic School
    St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Elementary School
    St. James Elementary School
    St. John Elementary
    St. Patrick High School
    St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
    St. Stanislaus College
    Christian Collegiate Academy
    Temple Christian Academy
    Coast Episcopal
    Northwood Christian Academy
    Westminister Academy
    Cedar Lake Christian Academy

15. Is there a checklist for transitioning my special needs student?  Yes.  You need to bring your students current IEP, copies of all comprehensive assessment-eligibility reports, student work/report card along with the documents mentioned under public school information.  Each state may have different assessments and terminology.  You need to contact the LSC (Local Survey Chairperson) at your child’s new school.

Special Education Directors Office by District

    Bay St Louis/Waveland District 
    Biloxi School District 
    Gulfport School District 
    Hancock County School District 
    Harrison County School District 
    Jackson County School District 
    Long Beach School District 
    Ocean Springs School District 
    Pascagoula School District 
    Pass Christian School District

16. Does NCBC have an Exceptional Family Member Program Liaison?  Yes, the Exceptional Family Member Program, EFMP, was originally established to comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Act in DODD Schools.  It is used to coordinate PCS assignments to ensure the availability of services required to meet the family’s special needs.  Enrollment is mandatory for family member(s) experiencing physical, emotional, or intellectual disability or long term special education needs.

For more information on the EFMP or information on local resources, please contact the EFMP Liaison at 228-871-3000.  Office is located at Fleet and Family Service Center on Morell Avenue.

17. Does NCBC participate in a Partnership in Education Program with schools?  Yes, currently 4 Battalions, the medical clinic, and NCTC have partnered with 6 schools from 3 school districts.  They assist/support the schools through programs involving mentoring, tutoring, proctoring, field day events, career days, special events, and other activities.  Gulfport and Long Beach High Schools have partnered with Naval Construction Training Center allowing students to enroll in the carpentry and sheet metal (welding) school on base.  Naval Oceanographic has also partnered with the Hancock County School District. 

The NCBC-Child Youth Program-Children and Youth have partnered with the Mississippi 4-H to form military clubs which provide youth with a positive outlet for emotional and mental stressors associated with the unique lifestyle of military families.  4-H club members increased their awareness in the area of science, through project work focusing on healthy living, the environment, wildlife, gardening, and robotics.  The Youth Center is also affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club to help build character and leadership using adult mentors and role models.

18.  Does the Youth Center have a sponsorship program?  The Youth Sponsorship Program is offered through the Navy Child and Youth Programs.  It is comprised of three elements:

      a. Youth Sponsors:  Helps with the relocation of youth so that they can become familiar with their new home in Mississippi.  Sponsors are matched to youth according to their gender, age, and interest.  The sponsor escorts the youth around the base, school area, and to the Youth and Teen Centers and events.  Newcomers can find a matching sponsor by filling out a Youth Sponsorship form.

      b. Youth Sponsorship Club:  Located in the Youth and Teens Centers and focus on relocation support and the transitions that military-connected youth and teens often encounter, while offering programs specifically tailored to the needs and interests participants.

      c.  Student 2 Student and Junior Student 2 Student Clubs:  A school based program designed to aid youth who are changing schools due to their parent’s military mission requirements.  The S2S and JS2S programs are school managed and student led.  These programs were initially trained be the Military Child Education Coalition.

Currently, Ocean Springs and Biloxi High Schools have S2S and Ocean Springs Middle School has JS2S.

19. What are Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC’s)?  These are Masters or Doctorate-level state licensed counselor’s specializing in child and youth behavioral issues.  MFLC’s provide a wide range of support to military children and youth, family members, and school staff.  They can assist with school adjustment, deployment, separation, reunion, fear, grief, loss, etc.  They can also provide school populations with presentations on bullying, conflict resolution, anger management and many more.  Currently, we have 7 MFLC’s working at 21 schools in 6 school districts.

20. Is Mississippi an Interstate Compact state?  Yes, the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children was signed by the Governor of Mississippi in 2009.  To date,  46 states have signed the compact to help military students as they transition from school to school.  For more information go to

21.  Other support programs:

SOAR:  Student Online Academic Resources is a program for military families and the school districts that serve them.  It aims to address the unique challenges facing military children in our nation’s public schools, while benefiting the overall student population.  SOAR Home is an internet based application, which is easily accessible worldwide. is a program funded by DOD which offers homework help, online tutoring, college support, and is accessible 24/7.  It is available for all active duty, national guard, and reserve families.  Web Sites for school related information:

    Military Student
    Military Child Education Coalition
    Military Impacted Schools Association
    Department of Defense Education Activity
    Department of Education
    National Association of Education of Young Children
    National Association of Partners in Education
    National Center for Education Statistics
    National Military Family Association
    Military Teen/Military Kids on the Move
    Military One Source

Scholarship Web sites:

    Scholarships for Military Children
    The Fisher House
    U.S. Department of Education
    Federal Student Aid
    DANTES, the Educational Support for the DoD World
    Fast Web
    College Board
    Sallie Mae, Student Loans

Ten Tips on how to help your child succeed in school:

1. Let your child know education is important-it is the foundation for his or her future.
2. Show your child that you are interested in what he or she is learning.
3. Know what your child is expected to learn at each grade level.
4. Make sure your child is making progress every year.
5. Give your child some “face Time.”  Be free with praise.
6. Ask if your child has homework-and check to see that it gets done.
7. Read to your child or have your child read alone for at least 20 minutes.
8. Ask your child if there is any “backpack mail” from school.
9. Check in with your child’s teacher through a personal visit, a phone call, or an e-mail-every month.
10. Plan a special outing for your child that relates to what’s happening at school.

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