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Building: 1 Room 205
Public Affairs Officer - (228)-871-3662
Editor - Seabee Courier- (228) 871-3662
Public Affairs Leading Petty Officer - (228) 871-3663

The Public Affairs Office provides, media advice and support to the Commanding Officer and executes the Center's internal information, public information, and Community relations programs. PAO has media release authority and acts as spokesperson for NCBC. Public Affairs shares timely and accurate communication about the command and its activities with service members, civilian employees, family members, retirees and the general public. All media requests should be approved by the NCBC Public Affairs Office.

Public Affairs attempts to cover all happenings and homecomings with photo and local media coverage when possible.

Public Affairs operates and maintains several avenues in which to gain information concerning the installation.

• Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NCBCGulfport

• Twitter at http://twitter.com/SeabeeCenter

• Base Website at http://www.cnic.navy.mil/gulfport

• Inside the Gate (2 page weekly happenings newsletter) – send requests to brian.lamar@navy.mil or view it at http://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrse/installations/ncbc_gulfport/news/Inside_the_Gate.html

• All Hands Email (entire base populace, as needed) - send requests to brian.lamar@navy.mil

• All Base Marquees (as needed) - send requests to brian.lamar@navy.mil

• INFO LINE: Call 228-871-4777 for the latest information on FPCON or severe weather operations.

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