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Are you concerned your Navy adventure will end with your current sea duty? Afraid your travels to hot spots around the globe will be put on hold until you finish your shore duty? If this describes you, and you enjoy year-round sunny weather, consider a tour at Guantanamo Bay for your next shore duty.

Ideally located in the crossroads of the Caribbean, Christopher Columbus referred to it as the “Pearl of the Antilles.” This critical asset in the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is the oldest continuously operational overseas U.S. Naval base. With both unaccompanied and accompanied tours available, and opportunities for almost every rating, you may qualify for an assignment in this tropical setting.

Some of the perks to filling a billet in this demanding shore assignment include: participation in the assignment incentive pay and overseas extension incentive programs. Normal tours are 18 months for unaccompanied and 30 months with dependants.

The Naval Station proudly supports Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay in the GWOT. In addition, support is provided to visiting ships of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Army. Other tenant commands that receive daily support from the Naval Station include: U.S. Marine Corps, Naval Hospital, NCTAMSLANT, Detachment GTMO, U.S. Army, and a host of others that make up this island town of over 9,000 people.

While off-duty, you will enjoy unsurpassed diving and snorkeling in the pristine waters here. Water sports also include superb fishing, boating, water skiing, and sunset cruising.

Those who prefer to stay ashore can enjoy excellent facilities including: two Olympic sized swimming pools, nine-hole golf course, 18-hole miniature golf course, free outdoor movies, sports leagues of all conceivable types, and a well appointed gymnasium/fitness center.

Would you like to explore the islands while here? Hop our weekly transports to either Jamaica or Puerto Rico. From these two hubs, the Caribbean becomes your playground.

As a key player in the war on terror and a desirable place of duty, you will earn a sense of accomplishment like no other you will find while ashore.

If you are in your window for orders negotiation, consider GITMO. For more information, call DSN 660-4488 or inquire at






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