Force Protection

Security Department:

Phone: 757-458-4976

The Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Security Department is one of the largest departments on the base and has one of the most diverse missions. As the only uniformed law enforcement agency on GTMO, they are called upon to handle Antiterrorism, Force Protection, Physical Security and basic law enforcement functions to include 911 emergencies and day to day calls to service. Our vehicle registration office is also a primary stop for all personnel desiring to operate a motor vehicle onboard. 

The Antiterrorism & Force Protection office writes, enforces and exercises the antiterrorism plan and coordinates efforts with all commands onboard to ensure compliance. Major antiterrorism drills and exercises, generating event plans and assisting the Joint Task Force (JTF) with commissions and movement operations are also part of this office. The Security Department detects, deter and mitigate acts of terrorism while ensuring a safe working environment for all personnel onboard. 

Our military working dog (MWD) division engages in a multi-faceted role for the department as they assist with patrol operations, drug detections and explosive material detections. As part of the Random Antiterrorism Measure (RAM) program onboard, an MWD team can inspect a building, parking lot, personnel bags and vehicles for contraband.

Certain incidents may also require our Command Investigation Division (CID) to use special investigative techniques such as lifting fingerprints, collecting blood evidence and/or conducting interviews and interrogations.  At least one trained investigator is on call 24/7 to respond as required.  CID may also assist federal law enforcement agencies, conduct background investigations, maintain evidence and provide protective services or escorts to high ranking personnel visiting the installation.

Conducting routine harbor patrol, detecting and deterring waterborne threats, maintaining joint training evolutions with Marine Corps Security Forces (MCSFCO), and coordinating operation efforts with the Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) are the responsibilities of our Harbor Patrol Unit (HPU).   HPU utilizes small boats manned with a Coxswain, lookout and crewmember in providing security access to areas of the base only reachable via the waterway and can be utilized for emergency transportation across Guantanamo Bay to include medical incidents.

Our Range/Armory division is tasked with the management, scheduling, maintenance and day to day operations of the installation’s six weapon ranges. Services whom utilize these ranges for qualification and training purposes include Marines, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and of course our very own security forces.

The training curriculum is overseen by Training Division, who are our subject matter experts and conduct training for patrol sections on a weekly basis. Drills, classroom lectures and hands on practical applications include DUI/DWI detection, Radar operations, Emergency vehicle operations and Non-lethal weapons to include a few.

As you can see, our department involves many moving parts to perform our duties. Master-at-Arms personnel are here to assist you in any way possible exercising the utmost of pride and professionalism at all times. 


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