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Issuance of Destructive Weather Warnings

Warnings will be disseminated to designated activities via AUTODIN/DMS and/or telephone.

Host commands with a tenant NAVLANTMETOC activity receive warnings from that activity. NAVLANTMETOCFAC Jacksonville assumes the warning responsibility for Submarine Base Kings Bay 24 hours a day, and for Naval Station Mayport, Naval Air Station Key West, and Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba when a forecaster is not on site.

Tropical Cyclone Warnings

Issued by NAVLANTMETOCCEN Norfolk to the collective Hurricane Warnings Atlantic (PLAD: HURRIWARNLANT) and received by all military communications centers within CNRSE AOR. NAVLANTMETOCFAC Jacksonville under authority as CNRSE Staff Meteorologist will issue a Tropical Wind Advisory and/or order a Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness (COR) for affected sub-regional areas within CNRSE AOR.

Local Area Warnings

Thunderstorm, tornado, gale and storm warnings, as defined in paragraph 1, are issued by tenant NAVLANTMETOC activities for their host installation. Small craft warnings will only be issued by local NAVLANTMETOC activities as required by local commanders. Within CNRSE Area BRAVO, NAVLANTMETOCFAC Jacksonville will provide warnings for appropriate commands having a particular need for Navy-issued warnings. Activities with specific requirements for warnings (e.g., major activity, aviation responsibility) may request this service from NAVLANTMETOCFAC Jacksonville. NWS warnings should always be heeded and, in many cases, may serve as the only source of weather watches and warnings.

Thunderstorm/Tornado Conditions

Set by host commanders based on recommendations of NAVLANTMETOCFAC Jacksonville or the tenant NAVLANTMETOC activity in accordance with local destructive weather plans. Host commands will inform local units and local units take precautions that will permit appropriate protection of personnel and material on short notice. Commands or activities not serviced by a NAVLANTMETOC activity will set thunderstorm/tornado conditions based on information received through local news media or weather agencies.

Gale/Storm Conditions

Gale and storm conditions have the same time and preparation criteria as tropical cyclone conditions. While these situations are infrequent in Florida, COR for their occurrence must be included in local destructive weather plans and will be set locally as required.






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