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The Fleet and Family Support Center offers a variety of classes. Contact FFSC for additional class requests. All classes and workshops are free. Call (904) 270-6600, ext 110 or (800) 626-5084, ext 110 for more information.


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Anger Management

What does anger do for you? Communicate for you? Keep people at a safe distance from you? Keep you in charge? For many people, anger serves them many uses, but all too often, it is at a high cost…usually of relationships, unhappiness in the workplace, and a general feeling of disdain. If you want to be able to break out of the "get angry/get even" syndrome, come to this class. Participants learn how anger and judgment are related, about irrational beliefs and faulty self-talk, what "E + R = O" means, and the roles of stress and forgiveness in anger.

Coaching Boys into Men

Mentoring Leadership Training - Violence against women is a tragic reality. We must teach our young men and sons early and often what it means to be a real man - that women deserve honor and respect, and that violence never equals strength. A safer world is in their hands. Show them the way. Coaching Boys into Men Mentoring workshop with Al Emrick from Men Against Violence Against Women.


Career Options & Navy Skills Evaluation Program (CONSEP) - This 4-day workshop introduce participants to the techniques of parallel career development modeled from commercial business plans. They create their own company and use sound business principals to formulate a personal mission statement, vision, product improvement resources, and marketing techniques to advance their product on the global economy.

Day 1 - Personal Planning

Day 2 - Personal Financial Planning

Day 3 - Professional Planning

Day 4 - Marketing your skills

A high percentage of graduates of this class go on to reenlist and continue their military career!

Deckplate Resource Awareness Training

This two-day class will provide work center supervisors (E5-E6) with increased awareness of local programs and services that are available to assist sailors and family members before minor concerns turn into major problems. Comments from previous participants have included: "I wish I knew this information two years ago," "Great class/valuable information." This class is taught at FFSC but can be brought to your command upon request.

This training provides the Deckplate (E-5/E-6) supervisor information when questions on area services arise. Assisting sailors in recognizing problems before they become a crisis and knowing when it is necessary to alert the Chain of Command.

Expectant Dad's Class (So You're Going To Be A Dad)

This program is designed for new Dads and Moms. The program will address, investigate, and discuss issues facing fathers in today’s weird world. The attendees will look at being a father in the military, on care of newborns and toddlers and how to grow with your child and become the Dad you really want to be. The program will increase the participant’s knowledge about child development and will also address relationship changes that accompany the birth of a child.

FERP Job Connection

Learn how to do an effective job search to find the "perfect job!" Topics presented are: Career Exploration, Job Search Strategies, Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Self-Employment and the Federal Employment System.

Financial Responsibility in the Military

Budgeting means using dollars with sense… making sure there's enough money available at the right time. Money is needed for food, fun, clothes, savings, shelter, emergencies, transportation and charity. So it's never too early to learn the basic skills you'll need…for today and in the future. INVEST your time and learn some basic budgeting skills, how to set financial goals, and begin planning for your future. The "school of hard knocks" has a high tuition. Instead of paying for your mistakes, come to this training and learn about the following:

  • Basic Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Uses of credit
  • Establishing credit
  • Shopping for credit
  • Choosing and using credit cards
  • Credit reports
  • Credit laws
  • Debt recovery

Job Fair Preparation

An overview of how to prepare for the Job Fair and what to expect once there will be provided. Be prepared to be professional. Also, you can have your resume reviewed before the Job Fair.

Military Spouse 101

Are you newly married? New to the Mayport area? New to the Navy? What if the car breaks down and your spouse is deployed? Help is on the way. The Fleet and Family Support Center offers a quarterly class with various guest speakers from the civilian and military communities to help enlighten/educate military spouses new to the area and those new to the military way of life. Workshop includes a brief tour of Jacksonville on day two. This is a 2-session course.


The program is based on Dinkmeyer & McKay’s Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP). The program is designed to assist you and your family put into practice the skills learned in the class. Specific parenting skills that are discussed as well as the challenges that are faced by all families include:

  • understanding yourself and your child,
  • the four goals of misbehavior,
  • beliefs and feelings,
  • encouraging and listening to your child,
  • helping children cooperate,
  • discipline that makes sense,
  • and how to choose your approach.

Each week a different topic is thoroughly covered via discussion, video vignettes, and handbook information. Participation in all 8 sessions is required.

Resume Writing

This workshop is for those who are developing a rough resume and for those who are close to the "perfecting" theirs. We will work in a small group format to review and provide input on participant’s resumes. This unique learning method helps participants realize that we can all be experts and that we can get great input from our peers. FFSC Staff will participate and provide input on individual resumes. A completed rough resume will be required.

Smooth Move and Overseas Living

This workshop is designed for inexperienced, as well as experienced military members on permanent change of station (PCS) orders. The Personal Property Shipping Office will provide information on how to deal with movers and personal property entitlements. The travel section of Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) will present a section on travel pay and allowances. FFSC staff will discuss the emotional cycles of relocation, budgeting for a PCS move and provide some strategies for families.

Overseas Living is a class designed to prepare you for living in new and different setting. This class will provide helpful information about living on the economy to dealing with potential terrorist activities. You will have a chance to understand the emotional cycles of overseas living to making this tour the best part of your Navy career. Specific information about visas and absentee voting will be discussed.

Sponsor Training

Sponsors play a critical role in retaining newcomers and increasing overall productivity and morale by making a newcomer's arrival at the command easier. The Sponsor Program is designed to help facilitate the relocation of Navy service members and their families creating a link between the service member and their new command. The primary goal is to ease difficulty and reduce the apprehensions normally associated with a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of everyone's life. It can be energizing and a factor in motivating us. But too much stress, without relief, can have debilitating effects. This program is designed to provide participants with an understanding of what stress is and how it affects them. It will also help participants begin to look at their own lives and ways they currently cope with stress. Participants will be challenged to develop behavior and lifestyle changes that will improve their ability to cope with stress.

Tottle Tyme and New Parent Support Children’s Playgroups

Parents and children together meet to share parenting concerns, ideas, and fun! The group invites professionals to address specific areas of concern such as nutrition, toilet training, etc. We even take field trips several times a year to local parks, museums and playgrounds. This group is designed for moms new to the area or moms who want their child to interact with other children their child’s age. Tottle Tyme Children’s Playgroup meets every Wednesday. New Parent Support Children’s Playgroup meets every Thursday. Both Playgroups meet from 0900 to 1200 at the USO. All children age four and below are invited to attend.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Designed for Military personnel within 180 -90 days of leaving the military. The seminar focuses on benefits for service members and their family members. Participants receive help in translating their military acquired skills into civilian language and are exposed to the civilian job market and how to successfully compete in the civilian employment arena; learning about resumes, employment interviews and marketing themselves. If you are within a minimum of 180 days of leaving the military see your career counselor for a quota for this highly successful program.

What About the Kids?

Children who witness family violence are often forgotten as the unintended victims. A wide range of child adjustment problems has been found to be associated with exposure to domestic violence. Parent’s need to see and understand the effects of domestic violence on children as encompassing behavior, emotion, development and socialization. Parents need to understand that there is an intergenerational cycle of violence and they may be creating a legacy for their child of learned violent behavior. The purpose of this program is not to shame parents for events that have already happen, but to instill hope that things can change. The knowledge that the violence, which many parents incorrectly believe is unseen by their children, is negatively impacting their children’s growth and development and may provide an additional motivator for ending the violence and seeking intervention.






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