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Help and FAQs

If I am new to family housing (FH) or unaccompanied housing (UH), what classes should I take? 


Students are encouraged to start with basic or fundamental courses and progress to more advanced courses as they move forward in their Housing careers.  The Housing Learning Center (HLC) curriculum is currently being redesigned and a training career path will be available shortly after all courses have been completed.  Be sure to discuss training availability and options with your local supervisor. 


What if I do not have a common access card card? 


1.  If you do not have a common access card (CAC), you can view the HLC schedule on Facebook at

2.  If you cannot obtain a CAC or soft certificate, your supervisor will need to register you for all courses on the enterprise Military Housing (eMH) website - 


Which website do I go to when registering for a course? 

The website to register for a course is

Who do I contact if I do not know my region, supervisor or primary program? 

Contact the HLC or call (904) 542-3964 DSN 942-3964.

Who do I contact if I need assistance logging into the eMH website? 

You may contact the eMH support office - by phone: 1-800-877-8503 for CONUS locations; 703-435-2506 for OCONUS locations; By email:

How is lodging determined or obtained?

For training at HLC aboard Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, a group block of rooms will be acquired at Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS) and provided to the students.  The student is responsible for contacting the NGIS to make a reservation under the group reservation reference number, provide a credit card guarantee and receive a confirmation number.  If NGIS is not available, a group block of rooms will be obtained from the Navy Lodge and provided to the students.  If Navy Lodge has no availability, a recommended hotel will be identified as the lodging site of choice.  At off-site training locations, the local regional coordinators will acquire a block of rooms if the attendees will be predominantly from out of town.  In this case, the regional coordinator will provide the HLC registrar with the group number and the same process identified above will occur.  

What should I do if there is no on-base lodging available?

If lodging is not available on-base and your orders require you to stay on base, you will personally get the non-availability number from the NGIS and attach it to your orders.  In all instances, the individual traveler is responsible for contacting the lodging site and providing a credit card guarantee for the reservation.  The HLC is not authorized to provide a student with a non-availability statement. 

What is the dress code standard when attending courses?

The attire for military personnel is the military uniform of the day.  Civilian personnel are expected to wear business casual clothes.  This means no jeans, shorts, tank tops, flip-flops or midriffs showing.  The instructor or business manager may send a student to change if wearing inappropriate attire.  Re-entry to class is based on the instructor's or business manager's discretion based on a change of attire.  

What is the policy if I get sick or am absent? 

Your supervisor will need to contact the school at (904) 542-3964 and approve the absence.  If you do not show up by the start time of the course, the HLC staff will contact your supervisor or regional training representative to report the absence and verify it has been reported to the supervisor.  If a student becomes ill while attending an HLC course, the student must contact the HLC for further action.  If the illness prevents arrival to class in the morning or after lunch, the student is to call (904) 542-3964 to report the absence.  Student course attendance will be considered incomplete if the absence exceeds 4 hours for a 3 to 8 day course or 2 hours for a 1 to 2 day course.  Further contact will be made with the supervisor by the HLC registrar.  

How far in advance do I need to register for a class or cancel my registration? 


Register or cancel registration at least 2 weeks prior to start date of a course.  Holding onto a seat that can be filled by another student prevents someone who needs the training from obtaining it.  This time frame coincides with the room block availability:  NGIS cancels unreserved rooms 14 days prior to the start date of a course. After that, lodging is on a first come-first served basis.  

What is the approval process to register for a course? 


In the HALTS module, click on the "History" sub-tab to view courses you have completed.  Under this tab you can also see courses you are registered for in the future. 


How do I cancel my registration if I am currently pending or enrolled in a course? 


In the HALTS module, click on the "History" sub-tab to see all the courses you are registered for. Click the "cancel" button next to the appropriate course to cancel your registration.  

Is there a Housing certification if I take specific courses? 


The previous Navy certification program was cancelled.  Plans today are for the birth of new certifications as the Housing workforce is professionalized in the post-PPV era.  If you are registered in HALTS, you will receive an email announcement when all of the details of the certification are identified. 


Why do I need a CAC to attend HLC courses? 


A CAC is required to sign onto any NMCI computer at the HLC or off-site training location.  A CAC and a rental car agreement shown to the gate guard will give you access to NAS Jacksonville and many other military Installations.  Courses that contain hands-on FHM or UHM will require DoD students to bring a CAC or a soft certificate.  All soft certificates will need to be brought to class on a CD. 

If I am a Foreign National, do I need to submit additional information or documents to attend a course? 


Foreign nationals are required to fill out a security questionnaire.  The completed and signed security questionnaire, a copy of your orders and a copy of your passport must be received by the HLC at least 2 weeks prior to course start date.  Once received, the HLC will forward your information to the security office for approval or disapproval of entrance to the base.  The approval process takes approximately 2 weeks.  Contact HLC at 904-542-0014 or DSN 942-0014 if you need additional information. 


Where can I get the security questionnaire for Foreign Nationals? 


Contact the HLC; call (904) 542-3964 or DSN 942-3964. 

Where are eFHa and BQRTs? 


The names of the family and unaccompanied modules on the eMH website have been changed.  They are now called the family housing module (FHM) and the unaccompanied housing module (UHM).  The courses and course descriptions have been updated to reflect this change. 

Is on-base public transportation available at NAS Jacksonville? 


Community shuttles are available for public transportation aboard NAS Jacksonville.  Regular fare is $1.00 per ride.  The shuttle schedule can be downloaded by clicking the documents folder icon in the upper right corner of HALTS.  Please contact HLC staff at 904-542-3965 if you need additional information. 

How do I update my profile information in HALTS and eMH? 


You can change some of your profile information when registering for a course.  The fields that can be changed are your supervisor, job title, pay grade, address, country, state, city, zip code and phone number.  If you need to change any of these fields but are not registering for a course, please contact the HLC registrar at 904-542-0014.  If you need to change information in fields such as name, e-mail or installation, you may contact the eMH support desk at 800-877-8503.  Ask the help desk to make the changes to both your HALTS and eMH accounts. 



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