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Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19)

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Team Southeast,

Welcome to a new year!  With the holidays in our rear view mirror, it is time to rededicate ourselves to the problems that inundated us in 2020.

As you have seen in the news, the Coronavirus pandemic is still with us and, in fact, numbers are increasing in many states across the nation…including within the military.  The disease remains a serious concern and seeing another service member pass away this week due to COVID-19 is a tragedy.

It is vitally important that everyone continue to observe the protocols issued in the US Fleet Forces fragmentary order (FRAGORD 20-024.013) from last year.  You’ve seen them before, but they bear repeating.

CNRSE and our subordinate commands must also adhere to the following additional guidelines which are in place while in HPCON Charlie:

·        Maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from others when you are in close contact for 15 minutes or more and to the maximum extent practical, wear cloth face coverings when you are unable to maintain six feet of physical distance.

  • To the maximum extent possible, do not gather in groups of over 10 people.
  • Limit travel to/from place of residence/work with stops only for essential business.
  • Service members are prohibited from visiting, patronizing, or engaging in the following off-installation specific facilities, services or activities. 
  • Recreational swimming pools, gyms, fitness facilities, exercise classes, saunas, spas, and salons
  • Tattoo/body art/piercing parlors
  • Barber shops, hair or nail salons and massage parlors
  • Cinemas/theaters
  • Participation in team/organized sports
  • Dine-in restaurants (take-out is authorized), bars, nightclubs, casinos, conferences, sporting events, concerts, public celebrations, parades, public beaches, and amusement parks or other events designed to promote large gatherings
  • Outdoor recreation where common use facilities are used and if a minimum of six feet physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Non-essential commercial retail establishments and shopping malls
  • For use of on-installation services, observe guidance provided by regional and installation commanders.

Additionally, all service members, government civilians, contractors, and family members are encouraged to minimize unnecessary, in-person use of the following services and activities:

  • Use of mass transit
  • Auto repair, maintenance and annual inspection
  • Curb-side and drive through services
  • In-home domestic services
  • Banking services
  • Pet care and veterinary services
  • Post office
  • Laundry services
  • In-residence social gatherings that include more than 10 guests

It is, without a doubt, difficult to adhere to these, and for the family members who have helped their service members observe these requirements – thank you.  We are grateful for your support.

Throughout the holidays, everyone likely came into contact with many more people than is normal.  Continue to monitor yourselves. If you don’t feel quite right, don’t come to work.  We are still in max-telework for a reason, so don’t push yourselves and potentially spread a sickness.  Standard symptoms for COVID include:  weakness, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, dry cough, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, as well as others.  If you have questions, the CDC has a self-checker tool to help determine if you should seek medical care.  It is available at

Additionally, U.S. Fleet Forces put out the screening form below to help determine whether you are a potential risk for spreading the disease within the workplace.  Please review it regularly to ensure you are aware of the most current concerns.

The vaccine is moving along quickly and all military personnel will soon be a priority for receiving the shots.  It is highly encouraged that you get registered and get the shot as soon as possible – not just for you, but for those around you, too.  The vaccines currently available, and the ones soon to come, are our best hope for getting back to normal anytime soon.  Be Smart!  Be Well! And as always, Be Safe!


RDML Gary Mayes

Commander, Navy Region Southeast


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