Although it may seem safe to stay at home and wait out a hurricane, doing so could be very dangerous. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes that could threaten your home. Lightning is equally dangerous. Damage from flying debris could result in injury.

Depending on the strength of the hurricane, your community may be directed to evacuate. Installations could be required to evacuate prior to receive an evacuation order from local communities. Stay tuned to your radio and television for important evacuation information. Know the evacuation route you want to take. Leave early to avoid congestion on the roadways.

Installations will designate a "safe harbor" for evacuations. This locations is designated to move you and your family out of the path of the storm. Ensure your family members know your evacuation location and provide a contact number for your family and your chain of command.

Follow directions provided on TV or radio or via military web sites for mustering you and your family.

If notified to evacuate CONUS side, please review the CONUS Evacuation Guide:


When notified report back to your installation as quickly and safely as possible. 

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