Lead in Priority Area Sampling Program

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Results for Lead in Drinking Water at Child Development and Youth Centers

The Navy is in the process of testing drinking water at all of its Child Development Centers, Child Development Group Homes, Youth Centers, and Schools.  This testing is recommended by EPA in schools and day care centers but is not required.  However, in the interest of the health and welfare of the children using its facilities, the Navy has adopted a policy to perform the testing.  For more information on the testing please visit the CNIC Lead in Priority Area Sampling Program page.

As part of telling you about lead in drinking water at priority areas, links are provided on the General Information and Facts  page that contain information on general water quality (Consumer Confidence Reports) at Navy installations, sources of lead in the environment, potential sources of lead in schools, lead facts for parents, a lead public health fact sheet, procedures to minimize lead exposure from drinking water, and an EPA fact sheet and FAQs document on lead in schools and child care facilities, as well as other important information.

Parents are encouraged to contact the CDC staff, command leadership or their health care provider if they have individual questions or would like assistance in understanding and interpreting the results. If you have any health questions or concerns, we encourage you to call your health care provider or, if you are a TRICARE beneficiary, contact the Regional Nurse Advice Line (1-800-TRICARE, press option 1) or use the Regional Appointment Center at 1-866-645-4584 to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

Testing is being accomplished at all facilities in the Southeast region and will be completed in late 2014.


  • NAS Corpus Christi
  • NAS Jacksonville
  • NAS Key West
  • NAS Kingsville
  • NAS Meridian
  • NAS Pensacola
  • NAS Whiting Field
  • NAS JRB Fort Worth
  • NAS JRB New Orleans
  • NCBC Gulfport
  • NS Guantanamo Bay
  • NS Mayport
  • NSA Mid-South
  • NSA Panama City
  • NSB Kings Bay

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