If you are interested in auditioning to be part of the US Navy Music Program, please contact your local recruiter. The information listed here is an overview of the audition process. Current information regarding musical requirements, openings, and audition sites can be found at You may also contact our Auditions Supervisor for more information.

Being a Navy Musician is a very exciting career. You get to combine the adventure of being a member of the "World's Greatest Navy" with the job of performing music, both at home and abroad. Navy Musicians have the wonderful opportunity of representing the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy via music throughout the world. If this sounds like it may be the right job for you, please let us or your recruiter know.

Musical Requirements: 

  • Prepared Material - solo(s) of your choice. Should demonstrate your musicality and mastery of the instrument. Vocalist/entertainers must perform at least 3 songs of different styles(i.e. rock, country, jazz standard)
  • Scales - perform, from memory, all major, natural minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales. Percussionists are required to demonstrate rudimental ability, as well as drum-set technique.
  • Sight Reading - sight read a variety of music, including marches, concert band, etudes, swing, etc. Rhythm players(electric bass, guitar, keyboard/piano) are also required to read standard chord notation and demonstrate ability in different styles(jazz, latins, rock, country, etc.)

Contact Information:

Audition Supervisor
Phone:  619-556-7010
Fax:  619-556-6960
Email:  Audition Supervisor

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