Regional Telephone Directory

Departments Contact Numbers
CNRSW Staff Duty Office  619-524-1197 
CNRSW Public Affairs Office 619-532-1430
News Desk Director (media queries)  619-532-1430 
Protocol Officer 619-532-2929
NBC Duty Office/Quarterdeck 619-545-8123
NBC Public Affairs Office 619-545-8167
NBC Telephone Operator 619-545-1011
NBPL Admin Department 619-553-7178 / 9247
NBPL Public Affairs Office 619-553-7175
NBPL Telephone Operator 619-553-1011
NBPL Security Officer 619-553-9870
NBSD Telephone Operator 619-556-1011
NBSD Central Assignments 619-556-8672
NBSD Housing Office 619-556-8443
Quarters and Distiguished Visitor Lodging-NAB 619-437-3860
Quarters and Distiguished Visitor Lodging-NASNI 619-545-9551
San Diego Ships Information 619-556-3120
San Diego Submarine Information 619-553-8643
USO Main Center 619-235-6503
NRSW Human Resources Office (HRO)  619-532-1274 
Noise Complaint 619-545-8233

Air Operations Directory

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