What does NRSW TPU do?

 NRSW TPU processes over 4,000 transient Sailors annually. We are responsible for the efficient and timely processing of transient Sailors who fall into many categories: Sailors PCSing from a deployed or underway San Diego Fleet Unit or from OCONUS commands and Sailors pending retirement or separation.  In addition to processing Sailors, TPU manages and operates a transient barrack, 24 hours a day.


What services does TPU offer?

 TPU offers a variety of services for afloat and OCONUS commands. In General, a transient Sailor has a variety of resources available. These include, but are not limited to: indoctrination, messing/billeting, accountability, administrative features, career counseling, DAPA, training, work assignments/watches, TGPS classes, and physicals.


I am supposed to report to my ship, and it is underway/deployed. Where am I supposed to go?

 Sailors with PCS orders to commands homeported in the San Diego area that are deployed or underway should report to Brunton Hall (Building 3142) at Naval Base, San Diego, CA. Ensure that you have the original copy of your orders. Save all travel receipts, as you will fill out a travel claim when you get to your ultimate destination.


How do I contact a service member who is attached to TPU?

 Letters and packages may be sent to the following address:

        SVM Name, Rate/Rank

        Navy Region Southwest Transient Personnel Unit

        Transient Personnel Unit

        2475 McKean St

        San Diego, CA 92136


 Individuals wishing to contact transient sailors may call the following numbers to leave a message: Transient Personnel: (619) 556-3182.


I am reporting to TPU to be separated from Active Duty in 2 weeks. What should I do with my uniforms?

 Bring them with you to TPU. All personnel on Active Duty are required to have a full seabag at all times. Do not dispose of your uniforms prior to reporting to TPU! You are still in the Navy up to, and including, the actual date of your separation. While staying at TPU, you will still be required to muster and work a full workday. Those individuals reporting without uniforms will be required to purchase new uniforms for use during their assignment to TPU.


How do I get mail while staying at TPU?

 Mail is received on a daily basis. A list of personnel who have received mail is posted daily at the Brunton Hall.


Will I get COMRATS/BAH while I'm attached to TPU?

 If you are entitled to receive COMRATS/BAH, you will most likely be entitled at TPU as well. Just as you are required to restart these entitlements when you are gained to a new command, you will be required to restart them once you are gained at TPU. Instances when BAH is not approved, E-4 under 4 years active duty service. BAH is not automatically approved. Member must meet all requirements to receive it. Example of NON-BAH - Single sailor E-4 and below, other single sailors not currently receiving BAH will most likely not be authorized BAH while assigned to TPU.


What is DL?

 DL is the acronym for Discipline Department Legal Hold Division. All personnel pending disciplinary action or under investigation are placed in this division.


Will TPU pay for my taxi ride from the airport?

 No. However, you are entitled to claim taxi fare on your PCS travel claim. Once you get to your permanent duty station, you can file a claim for reimbursement. Check with the USO for more information.


Where is TPU located?

 TPU is located in Brunton Hall Building 3142 on the "dry side" of Naval Base San Diego. The east wing of Brunton Hall houses the executive suite, legal offices, the CMC, and the CCC. The west wing houses the Disciplinary Department and barracks. The building is located directly opposite of the Naval Base Galley.


What will I be doing during my stay at TPU?

 You will be assigned to one of 38 workcenters throughout NRSW based on your paygrade and physical limitations. Some of the larger workcenters are with TPU itself and Naval Base. You will be assigned according to Command priorities.


Can Commissioned Officers check into TPU?

 Officers check into the north end of Building 3142, first deck with the Officer Processing Division.  However, officers are not berthed at TPU.  They must contact the NGIS to make reservations.


What duties do Officers perform while at TPU?

 Officers can perform any number of duties.  Most commonly, they serve on administrative boards and courts-martial.  However, several commands have requests for officers to serve as action officers or special project coordinators.


I just received orders for staff duty at TPU. What kinds of duties will I be performing?

 NRSW TPU processes over 3,800 transient Sailors annually.  We are responsible for the efficient and timely processing of transient Sailors who fall into many categories: Sailors PCSing from a deployed or underway Fleet Unit or from OCONUS commands and Sailors pending retirement or separation.   In addition to processing Sailors, TPU manages and operates a barrack, 24 hours a day.  Once you check aboard, your background will be assessed along with command requirements to find you the best job. We also have a proactive assignment rotation policy; so, throughout your tour, you will most likely get to assume several different positions further enhancing your professional and personal development.


What happens to personnel who transfer from their parent command in a disciplinary status?

 It is TPU's responsibility to address all outstanding disciplinary actions prior to making any determination on future action. In many cases, the follow-on action is dependent on your conduct while at TPU.


Where do I turn myself into if I have been in an unauthorized absence status?

 Personnel in an unauthorized absence status may report to any military facility. If you are in San Diego, you can surrender to the TPU Command Duty Officer at Building 3142, Naval Base San Diego.


How do I request to Separate/Retire at TPU San Diego?

TPU does require a request to separate message to process separation in San Diego via message traffic.  Request to separates received via email will not be entertained.  Please see Request to Separate Message Template PDF for example message.  Upon receipt, TPU will respond within 72 business hours. 


How do I send a Sailor TAD to TPU?

TAD request will only be approved on a case by case basis and must follow the guidelines and requirements located in the TAD Request Flow Chart PDF.


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