NASNI's 100th Anniversary


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Join us on the NASNI airfield for a truly unique and exciting experience in honor of our 100th Anniversary. To help NASNI celebrate its first 100 years of service, all honorably discharged veterans are invited to attend the NASNI Centennial Celebration on Veteran's Day, 2017. The event is accessible, free of charge, to anyone with valid access to the base. Veterans without a valid DoD ID card must complete a Base Access Request package via the link on our Base Access Information page and submit it prior to October 15, 2017. Full admission details are available on our Base Access Information page, accessible via the Base Access Info button below. For information regarding entertainment and amenities, please visit or click the link on this page.



Entertainment will include

  • Musical Acts
  • Kid Zone with bounce houses, games and activities for children of all ages
  • Helicopters and aircraft displayed by Sailors and Marines
  • Vintage aircraft displays
  • Tours of the historical districts on NASNI
  • Beer Garden


Guests are encouraged to bring LAWN CHAIRS AND BLANKETS to enjoy the concert.

Please leave your COOLERS at home!

A Little History of NASNI... 

In 1917, Naval Air Station San Diego was commissioned and later became Naval Air Station North Island. March 20, 1922, the first aircraft carrier, USS LANGLEY, was commissioned and stationed at NAS San Diego. In fact, in the 1920s and into the early 1930s, all Navy aircraft carriers were stationed at NAS San Diego for a time. During World War II, NAS North Island was a primary staging base for aircraft headed to the Pacific. It is fitting to kick off the yearlong commemoration here at the "Birthplace of Naval Aviation." Currently, NASNI is host to 142 tenant commands and is homeport to two aircraft carriers: USS Carl Vinson and USS Theodore Roosevelt.



  • USS Essex (CV 9). The first carrier to launch F2H Banshee twinjet fighters on combat missions in Korea in the 1950s.
  • January 22, 1936
Extension of North Island's north shore begun with the dredging of San Diego Bay.
  • January 28, 1930
Fighting Wing, United States Fleet, approaching reviewing stand at North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, California.
  • Personnel inspection of ship's company at Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, California.
Photo shows crew drawn up around administration building plaza.
Photo taken April 24, 1935
  • Lindberg Field, San Diego, California.
Received from O.N.I. 1936.
Official photo.
  • Captain Charles A. Lindbergh, United States Army Air Corp. May 8, 1927.
Photo taken at North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, California, just prior to Captain Charles A. Lindbergh's taking-off with the
  • Officers and men of Marine Observation Squadron One upon their assignment to North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, California, following duty in Santo Somingo.  This group which reported aboard October 1924, was the forerunner of the present Marine Air Base Group Two.
  • Naval Aviators, North Island, California, September 16, 1931
(L-R) Cliff Edwards, LTJG J.S. Thach, USN, Clark Gable, Wallace Beery, LT. H.S. Duckworth, USN, LTJG T.D. Southworth, USN.
  • Naval Air Station, North Island San Diego, California on Victory over Japan Day, August 14, 1945
  • Overall view of Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, California.
Photo taken December 27, 1928
  • A Martin P5M Marlin seaplane.
USN VP-40 MARLINS NAS North Island.
  • VC-35 AD-5N Skyraiders flying in formation.
  • The first seaplane flight in the history of flight takes-off from Glorietta Bay, North Island, San Diego, California January 26, 1911.  Piloted by Glenn Curtiss.
  • View taken in the early 1920's. USS California (BB-44) anchored near N.A.S. North Island, San Diego, California. Courtesy of LT. Gustave Ferret, USN(Ret), 1972.
  • Happy Crewman of Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, California holds up newspaper.
Ending of World War Two.  Photo taken August 14, 1945.
  • Will Rogers, late great humorist standing in the bow of the PD-1 gets ready to step ashore at North Island, Naval Air Station, San Diego, California, October 1930.




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