NBC Coastal Campus (Old)

The Coastal Campus initiative is critical to ensuring the readiness of NSW forces now and into the foreseeable future.

Ongoing combat operations following 9/11 resulted in a Congressionally-mandated increase of personnel, new missions, and the needed capabilities, equipment and training to carry them out.

Buildings are functionally obsolete, too small, and scattered from the most northern location in Coronado to the east and west side of State Hwy 75 to the most southern portion of the base in Imperial Beach.

Plans for  this site involve construction, renovation and expansion of facilities to support logistics, equipment use, classroom and tactical skills instruction, administration and storage.

The Coastal Campus project will support privacy, primacy and proximity.

Privacy consists of consolidating a majority of NSW functions at SSTC-South will improve the West Coast commands’ operational security and force protection.

Primacy ensures NSW access to prime maritime training areas including San Diego’s deep water port and other invaluable military installations with strategic training value.

Proximity supports the efforts of the Navy to support the warfighter at home and during deployment by increasing operators’ dwell time.

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