All personnel aboard Naval Base Coronado installations, while carrying out their mission, shall be committed to protection of our environmental resources.  NBC commands shall:





  • Comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local envirorunental, cultural and natural resource statutes and regulations; as well as the requirements of Presidential Executive Orders.
  • Adhere to all Department of the Navy and Department of Defense policies and requirements.
  • Create a culture that is always mindful of its impacts on the environment and that strives to continually minimize any adverse environmental impacts.
  • Obtain all necessary Federal, State and Local environmental permits for the construction and operation of facilities and ranges and always operate within the bounds of all permit conditions.
  • Fully cooperate with Federal, State, County, and Navy environmental regulations and policies .
  • Integrate environmental, cultural, and natural resource requirements into all levels of activity management through the application of Environmental Management System and adaptive management techniques; to include oversight, inspection, identification, and improvement.
  • Seek opportunities to continually improve our environmental perfonnance by setting goals establishing metrics to measure our environmental progress and success.



  • Eliminate or minimize pollutants to the maximum extent feasible, by executing pollutant source reduction measures and incorporating pollution prevention techniques at the earliest stages of planning, design, and procurement.
  • Encourage the responsible use of energy and water by educating workforce on conservation techniques and by procuring environmentally friendly products.
  • Increase the use of sustainable resources to modernize new and existing infrastructure by incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Low Impact Development (LID) and green energy technologies into new construction projects.

Work towards achieving the NBC environmental goals (Objective & Targets):


  • Sustain drinking water quality that fully complies with all Safe Drinking Water Act (SOWA) requirements;
  • Minimize Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from painting operations by ensuring fully compliance with regulatory and pennit conditions;

  • Improve range erosion control and environmental impacts in sensitive areas;

  • Improve waste water operations to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and permit conditions.

  • Achieve a 75% solid waste to recycling diversion rate by FY2020 from FY2006 baseline.

2016 Consumer Confidence Report for SCI

2016 Consumer Confidence Report for NASNI


Naval Air Station North Island
Building 3, 2nd floor

Office hours:
Mon-Fri, 0700-1630

Our mailing address is:
Naval Air station North Island
Building 3
Naval Base Coronado
Box. 357088
San Diego, CA, 92135-7088
Installation Environmental Program Director (619) 545-3429
Environmental Management System Coordinator (619) 545-1103
Hazardous Waste / Water Quality Program (619) 545-0374
Air Quality Program (619) 545-4943
CATEX Review (619) 545-2168
NEPA (619) 545-2168
SCI Environmental Compliance (619) 524-9022
Environmental Compliance Manager (619) 545-7187
Water Quality Program (619) 545-5549
Wildlife Conservation (NBC) (619) 545-3703
Wildlife Conservation (SCI) (619) 545-7188

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