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Spiritual Fitness

For directions, please contact the Spiritual Fitness Division (CREDO) office.

How to Contact Us

Office Hours:

If you have an emergency,  please call:

Emergency Room Naval Hospital, San Diego

American Red Cross  (All Branches)

California Suicide Hotline

Child Abuse Hotline


Sexual Assault Victim Intervention  (SAVI) Crisis

526-2826 DNS

Monday - Friday  730 AM - 4:30 PM








Spiritual Fitness Retreat (formerly known as Personal Growth)

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Spouses name (for MER):

Retreat/Workshop (type and date):

Military Rank or Dependent:

Branch of Service:

Active, Reserve or Retired:


Work Phone:

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To register for a retreat or workshop, please copy and paste the template into an email and provide the appropriate information.  Please send the email to

If you are active duty you MUST have NO-COST TAD orders from your command to attend a retreat. Dependants and reservists are not required to have NO-COST TAD orders. Fax your NO COST TAD orders to 619-556-0015.

If you have any questions or problems call us today!
Comm: 619-556-2826
DSN: 526-2826

Spiritual Fitness Retreat
(formerly known as Personal Growth Retreat)

A weekend retreat for individuals, beginning Friday at 2 p.m. and ending Sunday by 2 p.m.
Participants develop new perspectives in relationships with one's self, others, and one knows to be holy, sacred, and divine.

After participating in a Spiritual Fitness Retreat, Spiritual Fitness Division staff provides follow-up groups and referral services to continue personal/spiritual development beyond the Retreat experience.
Active Duty participants are required to have No-Cost TAD orders to attend the Spiritual Fitness Retreat.

Warrior return Weekend

 · A two day retreat for military personnel returning from deployment, Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon.

 · Drawing from the Spiritual Fitness Retreat, this retreat specifically includes topics of return/reunion/reintegration, separation, and trauma.

By Request
Team Building Workshop

· A four-hour workshop is designed to assist commands, departments, divisions, or work spaces to develop an interdependent and cooperative spirit.

 · By reinforcing Navy core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, participants come away with a better understanding of the Chain of Command, a clearer appreciation of the differences between rank and gender, and respect for personal dignity and diversity.


About Spiritual Fitness Division

The Chief of Naval Operations—through the Navy Chief of Chaplains—sponsors the Spiritual Fitness Division (formerly known as CREDO).

The vision is to awaken Sea Service Personnel and their family members to the inherent personal and social strength available by living healthy spiritual lives.

We accomplish our mission through the Personal and Spiritual Growth Retreats, Marriage Enrichment Retreats, Team Build Workshops, and other functions and Retreats throughout the year.

Who is eligible to attend?

Anyone with a valid military ID can attend retreats—active duty, retired, reservist, and family members.

Government employees (GS Workers) employed under the cognizance of Commander Navy Region Southwest can also attend.

Priority is given to active duty and their families.

Comments about our programs:

"The support and total unconditional love I received gave me a new beginning to my life."

"My wife and I are so much closer after this weekend."

"This is the very best program the military has to offer to service members and their families."

"I can't tell y'all how much I needed this weekend. It was THE turning point in my life! Thank you, Chaplains!" 

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