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NASNI is conveniently located in Southwestern-most part of the United States and allows the US Navy to maintain a foothold on the South Pacific. Despite this convenient location, it does create some inherent challenges for surrounding residents and business in San Diego County.

NBC, which includes two airfields in San Diego, strives to balance the needs of the community with the mission of the Navy. Even though we do not dictate flight path (that’s the responsibility of the FAA and ATC), we make every effort to minimize the impact we have on the quality of life for the surrounding communities by evaluating and reevaluating each aspect of our flight operations in an attempt to minimize noise pollution.

Our airfields are open for flight operations daily from 0630-2200 Monday through Friday and 0800-2200 Saturday and Sunday. In observance of all federal holidays, the airfield closes at 1800 the day prior to and opens again at 0630 the following day. Additional closures may occur when undue hazards may exist.

The links below are meant to help explain our Noise Abatement Procedures, share what we are doing to help reduce noise for the surrounding communities, and answer some commonly asked questions. 

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