Small Arms Range


Naval Air Station North Island Small Arms Range:

Naval Air Station North Island

The Small Arms Range at Naval Air Station North Island, is for basic small arms qualifications of Active Duty Units, Reserve Units, and Law Enforcement Agencies. It is not open for personal firearms use.


Monday - Friday: (Weekends, and all major holidays, the range is closed)

Daytime shoots: 8:00a.m. - 3:30p.m. The range gate opens at 0700 for setup.

Lowlight shoots: Thursday nights starting 30 minutes after sunset. Arrive 1-hour prior for set up.

Firing outside of typical time frames above is authorized. Contact the range office, 619-545-9994, for specific times.


Types of small arms qualification:

Category I, II, and IV



Naval Base Coronado Small Arms Range Manager 619-545-9994

Naval Base Coronado operator 619-545-1011


Small Arms Range Danger Zone:

Per 33 CFR part 334, a surface danger zone (SDZ) is established for the small arms range, extending westerly into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This danger zone is defined by the following coordinates:

• latitude 32°41’13” N  longitude 117°12’45” W

• latitude 32°41’14” N  longitude 117°12’32” W

• latitude 32°40’31” N  longitude 117°12’12” W

• latitude 32°40’25” N  longitude 117°12’43” W

 Anchoring by any vessel within the danger zone is prohibited.

 Warnings of Live Fire:

Prior to and during live fire at the small arms range, warnings will be indicated by the following:

 When live firing is about to be undertaken or is in progress during daylight hours, three (3) large red warning flags and (3) red flashing lights will be displayed at the top of the flag poles on the southern berm of the small arms range, so as to be clearly visible from all points of entry into the surface danger zone (SDZ).


 When live firing is about to be undertaken or is in progress during periods of darkness, three (3) red flashing warning lights will be displayed at the top of the flag poles on the southern berm.

  Prior to conducting live fire operations, US Navy personnel will visually scan the danger zone to ensure that no vessels or individuals are located within it. Any vessels or individuals in the surface danger zone (SDZ) will be notified by the Range Manager using a VHF-FM marine radio, and by other means as necessary, to exit the surface danger zone (SDZ) and remain outside the area until conclusion of live firing.

  The surface danger zone (SDZ) will be open to fishing and general navigation when the range is not in operation, which will be indicated by the absence of any warning flags or flashing lights on land.



Naval Air Station North Island

Bldg. 747

Rogers and Moffett Roads

San Diego, CA 92135-7046

Coordinates: 32°41'25.3"N  117°12'41.1"W

Link to Location:


Via Coronado Bridge

Interstate 5

Hwy. 75/Coronado Bridge

Continue on 3d St.

Pass thru Main Gate

Left on Rodgers Rd

Pass Lodge, Heritage Park

Small Arms Range on Left

From IB/Imperial Beach

Hwy 75/Silver Starnd Blvd

Left on Ocean Blvd. (just past Hotel Del)

Enter thru Gate 5

Left on Rodgers Rd.

Range on Left past Lodge, Heritage Park

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