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Naval Base Loma Visitor Information

Base Access Information Guide

November 2014

To:    All Concerned


1.  This information guide is to standardize submission of information when requesting temporary unescorted access at NBPL installations.

2.   Unescorted Visitors

     a.  Special Events (weddings, retirements, Change of Commands, etc.).  Only authorized personnel (Active Duty, Retired Military, dependents, and DoD Government employees) may sponsor unescorted visitors to special events on base.  Due to background check requirements, all unescorted base access requests need to be sent via email 14 days prior to the event. To complete background checks, complete social security numbers and dates of birth are required, and background checks must be completed before unescorted access will be granted. If your event is “waived” from background check requirements (contact AKC catering supervisors to determine if it has been) then please provide an access list (ACL template) containing first and last names of every individual (adult) attending the event.  If the event is “NOT waived” then please provide first names, last names, full DOBs, and full SSNs of every individual that will be attending (Base Access form),

       An additional access list containing your vendors will also be needed; however it is mandatory to vet each individual (waivers are not granted for vendors).  Please include first name, last name, full DOBs, and full SSNs on to the base access spreadsheet (Base access form).

       It is the event sponsors responsibility to submit all required access lists to base access, 14 days prior to your event:

ACL Template
Base Access Form

    b.  Contractors/Volunteers/Guests.  All unescorted base access request (vetting form) and the SECNAV form for each individual needs to be sent via email, by the sponsor. Please have each individual sign the SECNAV form and scan each form separately. If you cannot scan the document please hand carry in a sealed envelope and drop it off at Pass and ID office or Security office. Once we receive all the required documentation the background check process will begin and will take between 7 and 14 days to complete.  Please include first name, last name, full DOBs, and full SSNs on all required documents.  Please contact (619) 553-9870 for more information.

Vetting Form
Base Access SECNAV Form

3.  Foreign Nationals

    a.  Visits must be coordinated through the Command's Protocol Officer and sent to the Security Officer to ensure all requirements are met.  For all “official foreign visits”, an approved Foreign Visit request (FVR), coordinated through the individual guest’s embassy, and an installation access request (base access form) should be sent to the security department at least 14 working days prior to arrival.

Base Access Form

    b.  In some cases Foreign military members show up at the installation without approved FVR’s.  In those instances, foreign military personnel can use their military ID card, with a hard copy of their orders to a command onboard NBPL, for gate access (excluding restricted areas).

4.  Command sponsored tours/visits will have the sponsoring commands Public Affairs Officer meet their guests at the affected entry control point and remain with their guest throughout the duration of the visit.  This will occur regardless if the guests are U.S. or foreign nationals.

5.  All other guest (guests that do not meet the requirements in paragraphs 2, 3, or 4) are considered “escorted”.  Only Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, Dependents, and DoD Government employees may escort guests onboard the installation.  Dependents must be 16 years old or older in order to escort guests. Sponsors must meet their escorted guest at the entry control point and remain with them for the entire duration of the visit. Each sponsor can escort a maximum of 10 individuals at one time (guidelines are different for command sponsored tours/visits being conducted by a command PAO).

If you have made arrangements to stay at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites please ensure that you do have credentials (Military/Dependent/Retiree ID Card or Common Access Card) to get on and off the base.  If you do not have credentials then a sponsor is required to escort you at all times.   Unescorted access will not be granted for personnel who do not have credentials to get onto the installation.

If personal identifiable information is included in any of your spreadsheets, please send it in an encrypted email.



NBPL Base Access Team


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