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Naval Base Ventura County's Command Administration key functions include Correspondence Management, Sponsorship/Indoctrination, Check-In/Check-Out, Military Awards, Congressional Affairs, Collateral Duties, Records Management, Publications & Forms Management, Reports Control Management, Directive Management, Official Mail, Privacy Act,  Plan of the Week, Command Tickler, Recall/Alpha Rosters, and Protocol. 

Professional Development
Take care of your career, find out what's new in your rating, keep up with your deployed shipmates! Learn more about career progression, new incentives, re-enlistment news, advancement news, correspondence courses, detailing news, Officer community news.  Contact the NBVC Career Counselor at  (805) 989-8728.  

Admin Docs
Find all of the Command Instructions, Directives, Notices and Forms, cancelled and superceded instructions, and the current Plan of the Week (POW) on the NBVC Gateway.  Note:  This is the CNIC NBVC internal site.  Your CAC is required to access this site and Email Certificate must be selected.   If you are not assigned to Naval Base Ventura County, you must self-register to access the site.  Send email to  or call 805 989-0823 for link and information on how to self register.

For the latest information from the Fleet on: Fleet News, Fleet Imagery, Logos/Graphics, Fleet Facts, Leadership, History, Mission, Organization, Speeches, Pacific Command, Naval Air Force, Surface Force, Submarine Force, Numbered Fleets, Navy Regions, Fleet Instructions, NMCI, Duty in the Pacific, Ship Addresses, Navy History and Human Resources visit the CINCPACFLT website. Know what you are a part of!

Be ready for the next advancement cycle or Board! Make sure your records are in order! Check and correct your Officer Data Card, Performance Summary Record or Enlisted Summary Record at Bupers On Line (BOL). Check your individual ITEMPO count, see what's on the Navy Diversity Calendar, Take the Argus Retention Survey ~ let the Senior Navy Leadership know what you want for your career in the Navy!

PSD Port Hueneme provides transportation and advancement services to Navy and DOD personnel, commands, families, and retirees. The service member's primary liaison with PSD is the Command Pay and Personnel Administrator (CPPA) who is trained to recognize what service members and their families need, and to assist with administrative, pay and entitlement processes.

Tired of long waits spent on hold to make a medical appointment? If you or your beneficiaries are Tricare Prime to Naval Ambulatory Care Center Port Hueneme and have an assigned Primary Care Manager (PCM), scheduling appointments to see your Physician just got easier. Simply go to and schedule appointments at your convenience. Complete a few easy steps for registration and you are on your way. Be sure to safeguard your username and password into the system for later use. Your password must contain one capital letter, one number and be a total of eight characters long.

LIFELINES Information Services
Here you'll find an extensive listing of links and articles that are designed to keep you up-to-date and informed about all aspects of Navy life. Whether you have questions about deployment, finance management, relocation, or even the safety and welfare of your family, LIFELines has the answers you need. Go to to obtain information on: Active Duty, Casualty Assistance, Children and Youth, Civilian Personnel, Command Leadership, Deployment Readiness, Education, EFM/Special Needs, Employment, Extended Family, Family Life, Financial Management, eCourseware and Games, Key Volunteer Network, Military Life, Military Spouses, New to the Military, Newsstand, Ombudsmen, On Call Assistance, Pay and Personnel, Relocation, Reserves, Rights & Benefits, Safety and Wellness, Transition Assistance and Vets/Retiree Support Services. Or call the Fleet and Family Support Center at (805) 982-5037.

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