Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I register my vehicle?

    All personnel who work or live on NBVC for more than 90 days must register their privately owned  vehicle (POV) at the Pass & ID/Vehicle registration office located at NBVC Port Hueneme’s Sunkist Gate. For more information, click here.

    2. How do I get my ID renewed?

    You can renew your CAC or dependent ID card in BLDG. 1169. Walk-ins are accepted, but for faster service, please call 805-982-5367 or go online to to schedule an appointment.

    3. I’m a DoD civilian and I’d like to get my wife base access so she can bring our kids to day care. How can I get her a pass?

    We welcome the participation of DoD civilians’ families in our recreational programs, but the employee must take responsibility for getting their children on and off the installation. This requirement is in-line with Navy policy and instructions. Since DoD civilian family members do not possess a DoD issued ID Card, the only reasonable alternative would be to perform background checks on spouses and alternate caregivers as we do employees. This is not a task we can accomplish affordably.

    4. My mother retired from the Navy, but needs help with shopping. Is there a way to get a pass to help her shop, or shop for her?

    Individuals may appoint an agent or assistant to help them with their shopping at the NBVC Commissary and Navy Exchange when a medical condition or absence of the sponsor justifies such assistance. Click here to find out how to designate an agent or assistant.

    5. My mother-in-law would like to visit, but is not a U.S. citizen. How can I get her access?

    If your mother-in-law is a lawful permanent resident and has a “green card,” she may visit as any U.S. citizen would. If she does not possess a green card, you will have to follow the Security Management Office’s foreign national guidelines, available here.

    6. I’d like to surf at Point Mugu. How do I get access?

    At this time, we do not grant access for surfing at Point Mugu. However, if you have a military or DoD civilian friend who can sponsor you aboard base and stay with you while you surf, you’re welcome to come enjoy the waves. Your sponsor must stay with you at all times.

    7. I have a vehicle I’d like to sell aboard base. What do I need to do?

    If you are an active duty or retired military member with a valid military ID, you may sell your vehicle aboard base. Check out this article for more details.

    8. People are constantly speeding in my neighborhood. Can the police come patrol here more often?

    If you see anyone breaking the law – to include speeding or reckless driving – aboard Naval Base Ventura County, please immediately contact Force Protection at 805-982-4591. Patrols can be dispatched and patterns of behavior determined based on your input.

           9. Why can’t we open more gates during lunch or weekends?

    Essentially, the number of gates we have open is determined by a combination of need and manpower as determined by a study conducted by Commander, Naval Installations Command. We’re currently running at our maximum allowed hours, so if we open one gate, another must close.

    The gates now open were selected to provide the best, most efficient flow of vehicles possible while still maintaining a secure force protection posture. We have to strike a balance between being convenient and accessible to our tenants and employees and ensuring those same people are safe and secure while aboard our facility.

           10. What are your gate hours?

    Gate hours can be found here.

           11. I’d like to take a tour of base. Who do I need to talk to?

           12. My school is holding a career day, can we get some Sailors to come?

           13 How can I get a job on base?

    All federal jobs are posted using You can search by location, job type, or agency. Applications and resumes are submitted online.

           14. I have a small business and would like to bid on contracts for the Navy. How do I get started?

    First, you must be sure to register your small business at There are extensive tools and how-to discussions there about signing up, getting a DUNS number and getting started with the federal government.

            15. I’d like to visit the Seabee Museum. How do I get access to base?

    The Seabee Museum is located outside of Naval Base Ventura County. It has a separate, fenced parking area and does not require you to access base to come enjoy the displays.


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