Base Tours

Naval Base Ventura County provides the local communities with a wide range of on-going educational and community outreach programs. One such program available to the community is our base tours. You may contact the NBVC Public Relations Office at 805-989-8095 for more information about booking group tours.

To request a group tour, please read the information below, then complete and submit the Request for NBVC Group Tour Form and email at least three weeks prior to your desired tour date to

Tour group required information:

  • Name of your group.
  • Date of event - primary date and alternate date.
  • Group Size - include number of adults / children (minimum group size is 10 and minimum age is 10 years old).
  • Estimated time of arrival/departure.
  • Specify whether you wish to tour at Port Hueneme or Point Mugu sites. Only one site per tour.
  • Specify what you would like to tour (see list below).
  • You must provide a bus for your tour. No cars allowed.

List Of Available Tours

Port Hueneme:

  • Fire Station
  • Public Works Engineering Services
  • Military Working Dogs

Point Mugu:

  • Air Traffic Control Tower & Radar Room
  • Airborne Carrier Command and Control Squadrons (E2s)
  • Bird Watching/Ornithology Tours
  • Fire Station/Crash Crew
  • VR-55 Minutemen
  • Naval Satellite Operations Center
  • Windshield tour

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