Foreign National Visitors

Foreign National (FN) visitor(s) are defined as individuals who are not U.S. citizens or, regardless of citizenship, are representing a foreign government, foreign corporation, other foreign entity, or a foreign national doing business with a Department of Defense (DOD) component or contractor. This includes companies incorporated in the U.S., but under 51%  foreign ownership, control, or influence. Such individuals require special approval before accessing NBVC, or restricted areas of the station.  Legal permanent residents (also referred to as immigrant aliens) with a lawful permanent resident card (Form 151) are not considered FN and may access unrestricted areas as any U. S. citizen approved for base access.

There are two types of FN access, "Unofficial" and "Official".

Unofficial FN visitors are guests of military members residing in Base Housing areas.  Access is limited to MWR facilities, museums, and visiting residents.

Housing Residents Sponsoring FN Visitor(s):

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Housing residents who plan to host FN guests overnight must have prior approval from the NBVC Force Protectiona Security Specialist by calling 989-7590 or 982-4706. To initiate such approval application must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to visit.

After the Force Protection Security Specialist provides written approval to the sponsor, housing residents must follow the Housing Department guidelines to sponsor a guest.

A copy of FN passport must be submitted to the FP Security Specialist within 24 hours of arrival at NBVC via email to

Housing Residents' FN visitor(s) will receive an orange FN badge that indicates “FN Housing Visitor”.  The requested FN badges will be produced and normally ready for pick-up by the sponsor on the date requested at the Pass & ID Office, Bldg 1183, Port Hueneme.

Sponsors Note: After showing proper FN Identification, "Unofficial" FN’s Housing Guest may access the housing areas of the base. Your FN guest is required to be escorted at all times. 

Sponsoring Official FN Visitor(s):

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Official FN visitors are those on official business who are sponsored for a specific purpose and duration by a Naval Base Ventura County organization or tenant activity. This definition includes FN personnel in the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP), Foreign Military Students, and other foreign national exchange programs.  Official FN visitors should initiate a visit request through their embassies via the Navy International Program Office (IPO) in Washington D.C.  Requests should be made a minimum of 30 days prior to expected day of arrival.  Local and tenant security offices can assist with the process.

Sponsors must submit NBVC Foreign National Badge Request Form and Foreign Visitor Security Plan if unescorted to NBVC Force Protection Security Specialist via email at along with a copy of the FN’s passport or military ID Card at least 2 working days prior to the visit. The FN Application and Security plan must be complete and  detailed or they will be returned for correction.

The requested FN badges will be produced and normally ready for pick-up by the sponsor on the date requested at the Pass & ID Office, Bldg 1183, Port Hueneme.

Official FN Visitors must present to NBVC gate guards their NBVC Official FN Badge, which must be displayed on the upper left portion of their clothing at all times, and their Passport or Foreign military ID Card in order to come onboard NBVC installation(s) during normal working hours.

Official FN Visitors must also have their Foreign National Security Plan in their possession at all times while on board NBVC. The Foreign National Security Plan will be provided to the Official FN visitor by the visitor’s sponsor or alternate sponsor upon arrival at NBVC.

The FN Security Plan must include, at the top of the document the heading, "Foreign Visitor Security Plan" and clearly indicate whether after-hours access is approved, where such access is allowed, and the approved route of travel. Reduced copies of Security Plans must be legible and at least five inches by seven inches (5" X 7") in size. They may be laminated, but must not be altered in any fashion.

FN’s are not permitted access to the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) unless the FN Visitor is on official travel, and has prior approval by the Security Specialist. The FN Visitor:

  • Must have their FN Security Plan in their possession to present to NBVC police officers upon request and the plan must state they are authorized access to the NGIS.
  • May access Community Areas of the base unescorted.

Official FN Visitors may access pre-approved work-related routes and destinations in Controlled Industrial Areas only during normal work hours (0600-1800 Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays).

Official FN Visitors after hours access in Controlled Industrial Areas must be pre-approved on the "Foreign Visitor Security Plan".

Procedures for FN Ship Visits

FN ships will provide an example of their military identification card (ID) to NBVC FP Security Specialist prior to arrival at the Port of Hueneme. Force Protection will be contacted and will provide the Gate Guards copies of the ID for recognition. Crew members will be allowed to enter NBVC, Port Hueneme only, in order to access their ship by use of their ID’s. Ship’s personnel will be provided a specific route they must use to enter and exit NBVC. No local orange FN badge will be issued.

All crewmembers that require mission related base access, must be properly badged with the NBVC FN Badge. Application for NBVC Foreign National Badge Request and a copy of the FN’s passport must be submitted to FP Security Specialist within 24 hours of arrival at NBVC FP Security Specialist via email at

Procedures for FN Airfield Visits

Aircraft with foreign flight crews which have been approved for landing, and will be on the ground for a brief period of time, i.e., several hours or less, are not required to be badged.  They will remain in close proximity to their aircraft at all times.

Procedures for FN Car Companies Visits

The sponsor will notify FP Security Specialist by submitting an Application for NBVC Foreign National Badge Request and provide a Security Plan. 


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