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Emergency Operations


Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) are the physical location where incident management activity takes place. The NAWS EOC is the primary Command, Control and Communications (C3) facility used by the Incident Management Team (IMT) to:

  • Support the Incident Command Post (ICP) at the scene ("Tactical level")
  • Direct incident response activities encompassing the installation ("Operational level")
  • Manage information and resource requests, dissemination and processes
  • Coordinate with the City, County, other Federal agencies and DoD installations (Multi-Agency Coordination)
  • Report to Higher Headquarters.

The NAWS EOC is able to support four IMT activation levels and is scalable to the needs of the IMT and the Commanding Officer's objectives. If the EOC is rendered not operationally capable or less than fully operational by an incident, the emergency management program maintains alternative procedures and equipment to allow the IMT to perform its mission, albeit at a reduced capability level.

Further information on the NAWS EOC is Controlled/Unclassified and not available for general distribution. Specific questions however can be addressed to the Emergency Management Office at 939-3151.

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