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Image of Site UXO 6

Depot Lake

MRP Site UXO6 is an artificial lake located just north of Terrier Road in the western part of Det. Fallbrook. The lake, constructed some time after 1944, is known to fluctuate seasonally, with the historical high water mark encompassing about 12 acres. It is fed by two tributaries from the north and east, and is held by an earthen dam at the southern end. Water is released from the lake by a spillway running beneath Terrier Road to the south. The lake has been identified as a possible disposal site for munitions, including MECs and unexpended shells. Currently, Depot Lake is used to store water on the installation for fish and wildlife enhancement, and as a water source for cattle. Historically, the lake was also used for recreational boating and catch/release fishing, both discontinued in 2004. A Site Inspection was completed in May 2010.  A Remedial Investigation is pending to delineate the nature and extent of munitions presenting an explosives hazard and munitions debris.


Quick Facts
Size 12 acres
Location (see map) Western portion of base
Contamination Source Possible munitions dumping
Potential Waste Types  Munitions, explosives, metals, perchlorates
Status Remedial Investigation pending
Est. Response Complete To be determined

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