Q: How does the DBIDS application process work?

A: All companies (and their employees) are required to be sponsored for installation access (normally the command that is contracting/requesting the service is the sponsor/validating the requirement for base access). e.g. SWRMC is one of the biggest sponsors in the METRO area (facilitating access for companies that support the fleet). 

Once a company is on the "ACL" Approved Company List for a base, the employee will fill out the SECNAV 5512-1 form and bring it to Pass and ID. 

They will then have the option to either wait for the results of "real time" vetting, (which can range from 10 minutes to 3 hours) or turn in the SECNAV form and return in 48-72 hours.


Q: How do they decide who is accepted or denied? Is there a set criterion?

A: CNICINST 5530.14A outlines the minimum disqualifying criteria/offenses for access control (fitness determination excerpt on back)


Q: If you are turned down is there an appeal process? If so, what is it?

A: Contact the installation waiver POC


Q: How do I know who my sponsor is?

A: Government sponsors can be identified by notifying your “prime” or the government rep on the contact.  If you cannot identify your sponsor, you can request assistance from the region rep Amy Stingley (amy.stingley@navy.mil)


Q: How long does it take from application to approval?

A: Once a SECNAV form is submitted to Pass and ID, it takes approximately 48-72 hours for the results of the criminal history background check to be available. 

If favorable, the time is tied directly to the workload at Pass and ID, but once at the window, it will take approximately 10 minutes to verify the required information and manufacture the credential once a customer is at the “window”.


Q: Do you need to be reapproved in the event that you move or change companies?

A: Favorable background checks are “good” for 1 year. 

If you move to a company on the approved company list within a year of your favorable background check completion, Company POC should contact their base sponsor to inform the Installation Pass and ID of the change (record will be updated to reflect new company).


Q: What do I do if my company does not have a current contract but often requires immediate access for short term contracts?

A: Provide Amy Stingley (amy.stingley@navy.mil) with an email overview of why the company requires access, which installation(s) they need access to, who they support (prime companies, tenant commands, etc.) and any additional documentation that will

help with verification (recent short term "contract", etc.).


*It is important to note that based on the infrequency of required access, passes will not be issued for more than a 28-day timeframe.

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