Fitness Determination

(1) COs shall establish base access standards. COs shall designate a trained, competent official to evaluate adverse information identified during the vetting process.

(2) Permanently Disqualifying Fitness Determination Standards. Listed below are specific conditions or offenses

considered prejudicial to the good order, discipline and morale of the installation that may not be waived by the CO

or designated representative:

(a) Identified in the Foreign Fugitive File.

(b) Identified in the Immigration Violator File.

(c) Registered in the National Sex Offender Registry Database.

(d) Known or Appropriately Suspected Terrorist (KST) File.

(e) Felony convictions for Rape, Child Molestation, Trafficking in Humans, Espionage, Sabotage, Treason, or Terrorism.

(f) Other Felony Convictions. Other than the disqualifiers listed above in paragraphs (a) through (e), any felony conviction within the past 10 years is grounds for denying installation access. COs may waive this requirement. Felony convictions more than 10 years old except for those identified above do not require a waiver

**may be flagged/found unfavorable based on an employee’s entire criminal history**

(g) Persons released from prison or on probation within 5-years after a felony conviction may apply for a waiver.

(h) Arrests for a disqualifying event without disposition (conviction, dismissal, not guilty or acquittal) more than 10 years old are not grounds for denying access.

(i) A waiver from the CO is required for persons identified in the Violent Person Crime File. The Violent Persons File lists individuals with a violent criminal history and persons who have previously threatened law enforcement.

(3) COs may deny access or access credentials based on information obtained during identity vetting such as Wanted Persons (active wants/warrants) which indicates the individual may present a threat to the good order, discipline and morale of the installation.

**NRSW errs on the side of caution when reviewing criminal history records.**

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