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U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) Administrative Office’s mission is to provide professional and expedient general administrative support services for NBG and tenant commands to include correspondence tracking, record keeping, mail distribution, and all in/out processing of military and civilian personnel for the command. The staff reviews and analyzes internal and external Navy policies and programs having impact on the command and provides administrative recommendations to meet required changes. Within the department are command representatives for training, career counseling, command evaluation, and total force manpower.

Administrative Department
PSC 455 Box 152;  FPO AP 96540-1000
671 339 2287    DSN 315 339 2287
Hours: 0730-1630 M-F

 Environmental and Morale Leave

Environmental and Morale Leave (EML) provides a means for service members and their collocated families who are stationed at overseas bases to take leave and travel to the mainland or to a different location.  Individuals and families on EML have a higher priority for seating on space available government air transportation than those traveling on regular leave


1. Active duty service members.
2. Accompanied or unaccompanied command-sponsored dependents 
of uniformed service members.
3. Military personnel assigned to forward deployed MSC ships.
4. U.S. civilian employees of the DOD and USCG and their family members, 
when eligible for government transportation to the US upon completion of their tours.
5. DoDDs teachers and their family members after having been on the island 
for 6 months and not within 6 months of PRD. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many EML orders can I get while I’m stationed overseas?
Everyone is allowed two EML orders per year.

Can I get EML orders immediately after I arrive on the island?
No, you can only get EML orders after having been on the island 
or six  months and you are not eligible during the last 6 months 
of your tour.

Can dependents travel on EML without their sponsor?
Yes, but your Space-A category will be CAT 4 instead of CAT 2.

Can I make more than one round trip on the same EML orders?
No, once you have made a round-trip and returned to your starting 
point,  your EML orders are no longer valid.

What is the earliest I can sign up for a space-A flight at Andersen AFB?
Once you have checked out on leave you can sign up for any flight.  
You  MUST be on a leave status to fly.

Is the EML restriction on two flights per Calendar year or Fiscal year?
It is two flights per Calendar year.  Six months need not have 
passed since your last EML orders.

Governing instructions:
Department of the Navy Privacy Policy 
Environmental PolicY
Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Opportunity Program Policy
Fraternization Policy 
Sexual Harassment Policy


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