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HMS Queen Elizabeth Returns to Guam for Maintenance Period

HMS Queen Elizabeth Returns to Guam for Maintenance Period

09/15/21 01:42 PM

APRA HARBOR, Guam (Sept. 15, 2021) - Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived back in the US territory of Guam on the 13th of September as the ship undergoes a period of scheduled maintenance.

This is the second time the 65,000 tonne carrier has visited the Pacific Island, stopping previously in July at the U.S. Naval Base Guam.

The United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group recently took part in a series of exercises and engagements with partner nations in the Western Pacific, and there are a number of other British ships that have also stopped in Guam in recent weeks.

After over 120 days at sea, HMS Queen Elizabeth and RFA Tidespring arrived in Guam on the 13th of September and were followed by HMS Kent, HMS Defender and HNLMS Evertsen on the 14th. Other ships in the task Group have remained at sea on operations, but both HMS Richmond and RFA Fort Victoria only departed recently.

The Commander of the UK's Carrier Strike Group Steve Moorhouse said: "Several Carrier Strike Group units are now alongside for a period of mid-deployment maintenance to bolster our sustainability and resilience ahead of the next phase of the deployment. Sustaining a Strike Group at range is a team effort."

"Few navies can operate 10,000 miles from home; fewer still can sustain Task Group operations at sea, under the waves and in the air. The Carrier Strike Group has done this while also delivering exercises and engagements with more than 25 nations."

"Guam provides an opportunity for some much deserved rest and recreation. We are grateful to the US Navy for the use of their facilities and we look forward to exploring this beautiful Pacific Island."

HMS Queen Elizabeth is thought to be the first Royal Navy capital ship to visit Guam since the cruiser HMS Tiger in 1973. The Pacific Island, which is part of Micronesia, was a key strategic location in the Second World War. Among visitors from the British Pacific Fleet in 1945 were the battleships HMS King George V and HMS Duke of York, the latter accompanied by the destroyers HMS Wager and HMS Whelp. The First Lieutenant of HMS Whelp at the time was Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, the future Duke of Edinburgh.