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NBG Environmental Policy and EMS

Environmental Management System

EMS integrates environmental considerations into day-to-day activities across all levels and functions of Navy enterprise. It is a formal management framework that provides a systematic way to review and improve operations, create awareness, and improve environmental performance. A robust EMS is essential to sustaining compliance, reducing pollution, and minimizing risk to the installation’s mission.

Benefits of Implementing an EMS:

The EMS program will serve to positively impact Navy operations and the environment by:

  • Reducing risks to the mission
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing liability
  • Improving compliance
  • Improving environmental performance
  • Improving public image
  • Increasing environmental awareness/stewardship
  • Establishing better documentation and document control


The installation’s EMS policy is committed to environmental compliance, to minimize impacts on the environment, and to prevent pollution. It is the responsibility of every person who works, lives, or visits NBG to ensure the protection of the environment.

We all should:

  • Comply with applicable environmental requirements, laws, and regulations.
  • Integrate sound environmental practices into all operations and business practices.
  • Educate employees regarding their environmental responsibilities.
  • Strive to improve our performance through effective environmental management and planning.
  • Communicate throughout all levels concerning environmental commitment and performance.
  • Ensure the implementation of pollution prevention measures and a waste minimization program.
  • Conduct EMS reviews to assess progression towards environmental goals.
  • Sustain partnerships with the local/host nation in order to maintain continuous environmental compliance.

For Further Information:

Contact the EMS program manager at NBG PWD Environmental, 339-3712

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