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Force Protection

Welcome To The Naval Base Guam Security Department

The Naval Base Guam Security Department is the largest Navy security operation in the Pacific Area of REsponsibility (AOR). Our mission is to provide Physical Security/Anti-terrorism, Loss Prevention, Law Enforcement, and Crime Prevention programs including administrative and clerical support services to the Naval Base Guam Command and Community. We are a full service, community oriented security police department, serving the entire Guam community and housing areas. Our police and administrative services include:

Security Operations in Building #6003

Operation Officer: 671-339-2745

Operation LCPO: 671-339-6315

Operation Chief: 314-624-5988

Watch Commander: 671-888-3969

Desk Sergeant: 671-339-3414

Dispatcher: 671-333-2092

Antiterrorism Officer: 671-339-8475

Patrol Division

The mission of the Patrol Division is to protect life, property and the enforcement of rules and regulations through proactive and reactive patrol. The Patrol Division will apprehend or arrest criminal law violators, enforce federal and local laws, and help enhance the overall quality of life onboard Naval Base Guam.

Description of Operations

The Patrol division is under the direct supervision of the on Duty Watch Commander. The Division is responsible for patrolling Naval Base Guam to enforcing good order and discipline. The Division answers calls-for-service, takes initial reports of criminal activity, makes lawful apprehensions and or arrests, investigates traffic accidents and enforces traffic laws.  Patrol Officers provide direct enforcement and prevention efforts via roll-bys, deterrent patrol and focused traffic control programs. 


  • Detect and deter criminal activity through proactive preventive patrol.
  • Provide proactive traffic control throughout Naval Base Guam.
  • Provide a timely response to all calls-for-service.
  • Furnish a high level of professional service to all of our patrons.


Crime Prevention

The mission of Crime Prevention is to reduce the opportunity for crime through police-community partnerships to enhance safety and the quality of life. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Below are some tips to reduce crime opportunities. Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked this is the number one reason cars are broken into. Household Security - don't encourage a burglar by displaying valuable items where they can be seen from a window, leave belongings outside unsecured, and don't hide keys anywhere outside your house. While away from home - leave on a radio or TV. Many radios and TV’s have timers. If you will be away for a few days from your house - arrange for someone to cut the grass, asks your neighbor to park in your driveway and inform the housing office. Naval Base Guam has a robust Crime Prevention Program and can be contacted at 339-3414. 

Safety and Sobriety Checkpoints

The Patrol Division conducts random checkpoints authorized by the Commanding Officer of Naval Base Guam. We are requesting your cooperation and patience. Purpose of these safety and sobriety checkpoints is to deter individuals from driving under the influence of any alcohol and or drugs and to increase safety of all personnel on board the installation. Make the right decision and choose not to DRINK AND DRIVE! 

Seat Belt Law

All government and private motor vehicles are required to be equipped with seat belts. The driver and all passengers shall wear seat belts whenever the vehicle is in motion. All children 4 year of age or younger or weighing 45 pounds or less will be in a child restraint system, which meets the applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. For children between the ages of four and eleven (and under 4 feet nine inches in height), a booster seat is required. Violators will be cited. BUCKLE UP, IT’S THE LAW! 

Traffic Accident Reporting

Any traffic accidents occurring on board Naval Base Guam shall be reported to the Security Department. Police Officers called to the scene of such accidents will investigate the accident, issue a citation and generate a Traffic Accident Report(s). 

Request for Reports

You may request a copy of a Police report after 10 working days of the incident by calling the Staff Judge Advocate Office at 339-4384. 

Traffic Citation

Individuals wishing to contest a traffic citation can call 339-2022 or e-mail to make an appointment with the Naval Base Guam’s Traffic Court Magistrate.  

Abandoned Vehicles

Individuals wishing to report abandoned vehicles on a public roadway should call the on duty Security Desk Sergeant at 339-3414, 24 hours a day.

Important Numbers:

  • Emergency Services: 333-2092/3/4/5
  • Non emergency Services: 339-3414
  • On Duty Watch Commander: 888-3969

Physical Security Division

The Security Department’s Physical Security Division is the primary source of protection for all its personnel and Government property from terrorist organizations. Through their services they guard life, hardware programs, networks, and mission critical data from Terrorist activity/events, which could lead to serious losses or damage to the command. Categories that fall under their responsibility include but not limited to; act of terrorism, vandalism, theft, natural disasters, radio communications, command vulnerability assessments, key control, building and lighting checks, barrier movements, CCTV, intruder detection systems, alarm maintenance, and increased security measures are just a few examples of how the Physical Security Department is able to provide state of the art protection for all personnel here at Naval Base Guam.

Military Working Dog Division

The Military Working Dog Division is Naval Base Guam’s sole canine Explosive and Drug detection component. This division is comprised of highly skilled handlers and dogs that complete daily inspections on vehicles, buildings, barracks, and all equipment deploying in and out of OIF/OEF theatre. Military Working Dogs also provide a visual deterrent to increase Naval Base Guam’s security posture. Another added benefit to the MWD program is the ability to physically apprehend suspects after a successful building search or Scout. The MWD program is second to none encompassing many essential elements needed for the safety of Naval Base Guam’s patrons.For questions or concerns please contact the Military Working Dog Division @ 339-8118.

Command Criminal Investigations Division

The Security Department’s Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of civilian and military personnel. CID personnel are primarily tasked to conduct criminal investigations involving UCMJ violations and other criminal acts that are not pursued by NCIS. CID conducts short and long term investigations when solutions can not be achieved during the course of normal shift hours to identify, detect, and/or apprehend individuals who have committed acts of violence, theft of property (Federal/ Personal), or other violations of the law. CID is also responsible for documenting and safeguarding of all evidence of crimes submitted that could be utilized in a trial by court-martial, other judicial administrative proceedings, and/or a court of law. For questions or concerns please contact Command Criminal Investigations Division @ 339-8236.

Training Division

NBG Security Training Division is comprised of qualified instructors that display technical and instructional competencies, maintain certifications/qualifications, and instruct to specific standards. This includes scheduling and conducting training, testing, and evaluations on AT/FP, Law Enforcement (LE) and Physical Security (PS), Non Lethal Weapons training, Weapons qualifications, and physical fitness. 

NBG Security Training Division provides classroom and practical application instruction to authorized personnel through CNIC Academies, CENSECFOR Courses, Apprentice and Sustainment training. Personnel receiving training are Navy Security Force (NSF), Navy Civilian Police (NCP), Auxiliary Security Force (ASF), Reserve Security Force (RSF), and other personnel authorized by the Installation Commander. 

NBG Security Training Division in addition plans, schedules, conducts, participates in, and evaluates exercises and drills to ensure the proficiency of NSF personnel. Annual Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) exercises are planned as directed by the Installation Security Officer. Exercises follow established Navy scenarios to evaluate watch standers. These exercises are subject to evaluation by the Installation and Region Commanders’ Staffs. For questions or concerns please contact NBG Security Training Division @ 339-3085.

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Division

Force protection is preventive measures taken to mitigate hostile actions against DOD personnel, resources, facilities, and critical information. The Antiterrorism Force Protection division creates command-specific guidance

for the establishment of an AT program and the implementation of AT standards; develops specific guidance and execution-oriented instructions for subordinates; and coordinates AT Risk Management, planning, training,

exercises, resource application, and program reviews. For questions or concerns please contact AT/FP Division @ 339-6611.

Harbor Patrol Unit

The Harbor Patrol Unit provides continuous Force Protection for Naval Base Guam, Apra Harbor, and all forward deployed and visiting naval vessels. Our highly trained coxswains provide Naval Base Guam’s vessels and personnel with protection and peace of mind. Each Sailor assigned to HPU is highly trained in crew served weapons, seamanship, and water based tactics. We remain vigilant and readily prepared if faced with challenges to our security. For questions or concerns please contact NBG Harbor Patrol Unit @ 339-5277.

Administration Division

Security Department’s Administration Division is responsible to NBG Administration Department and PSD for coordinating all administrative and clerical support functions for personnel assigned to Security Department. Customer service hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 0600-1200 & 1300-1700; closed for lunch break 1200-1300.

Administration Division functions: Process, prepare and maintain miscellaneous incoming/outgoing correspondence; distribution of official, personal and guard mail; award recommendations; performance evaluations/appraisals, message traffic; military pay and personnel requests via PSD/TOPS; division officer records; central office files; daily muster reports, recall rosters; weekly workload reports; civilian payroll time and attendance; civilian Requests for Personnel Action (RPA); military e-Leave requests and Administrative Remarks (PG-13s) via NSIPS database; guests in government housing requests; in/out processing of military and civilian personnel; adjudicate Armed Forces Traffic Tickets (DD-1408)/U.S. District Court Violation Notices (DD-1805); firearms upload/download letters; Incident Complaint Reports; schedule traffic court appearances; issue pier passes; monthly stats generated from desk journal entries; track the number of DD-1408 issued monthly; Monthly Installation Training Report (MITR) submitted to Security Officer; track the number of Victims and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP/DD-2701) issued throughout the year; track and report as required the number of child abuse, domestic violence, domestic altercation, child neglect, and unattended child (Family Advocacy Program Report); bi-monthly security slides consisting of operations stats submitted to the Security Officer. For questions or concerns please contact the Administrations Division @ 339-6064.


Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS)
Full implementation of the Navy Commercial Access Control System began 26 January 2012.
This constitutes a major change for access to Naval Base Guam (NBG) that directly impacts vendors, contractors, sub-contractors and service providers (non contractor day visitors with a sponsor, proceed to the Visitor Control Center).These changes have been directed by Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) via CNIC Memo 5530. 

The new procedures are intended to increase NBG's security posture and offer a solution that will provide streamlined access. To be in compliance with these requirements, NBG has aligned its procedures as shown below and explained here.

There are three options for Base Access for vendors, contractors, sub-contractors and service providers

◦ Naval Base Guam One Day Pass - restricted and limited access.  Must be obtained daily at the NCACS Center.
◦ Temporary NCACS Pass - a 45 day pass issued after NCACS enrollment while awaiting credential  receipt.
◦ RAPIDGate® Credential – streamlined access to NBG.

** Naval Base Contractor Blue Passes used previously will no longer be accepted.  
As on January 26, 2012, you'll be required to present one of the three passes mentioned above.

Day Pass Drawbacks:

◦ Requires daily visits to NCACS Center (Possible significant delays)
◦ NCACS Center Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 0600-1600 (not open on weekends or  holidays) 
◦ Vehicle pass requirements have not changed.
◦ 100% vehicle inspections for contractors/vendors (Includes all commercial vehicles)

Naval Base Guam Restricted Access Badge (Blue) Badges:

◦ WILL NOT grant entry to NBG.
◦ Restricted area badges will be issued as per normal operation procedures. FMI please contact  your NBG Sponsor or the VCC at (671) 339-6217.
To find out if you’re eligible for streamlined access with the RAPIDGate® Program.
Call 1-877-RAPIDGate  or  visit CNIC Support Center. 
Need assistance? Go to the Support Center for help with CNIC applications and the website.

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