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1st Platoon - Casket Bearers

1st Platoon Casket Bearers

The mission of the Casket Bearers Platoon of the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard is to exemplify ceremonial excellence by each new generation of Navy elite carrying the Navy's past to their resting ground. Whether it is in Arlington National Cemetery, or another veteran's cemetery, our commitment to the Navy's past and future is honoring those who have come before us.

Casket Bearers participate in several variants of last rights ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Over the span of a two year tour at the guard, each bearer endeavors to become proficient at all casket bearing missions and to achieve the coveted TOP qualification of "Wreath Bearer." Along the way, weight training goals must be met as well as performance quotas.  

In teams of eight, Casket Bearers deliver the remains of deceased service members to their final resting places within the Arlington National Cemetery.  The precise movements executed at each funeral are refined through months of practice and performance.  Weight training and relentless practice sharpen focus and develop unity of motion and strength within each eight man body bearing team. Each synchronized motion is an expression of respect for the Navy's fallen servicemembers paid through effort and dedication. Every carry, regardless of length, a true and unified commemoration to the debt paid by American sailors.


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