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Mission and Vision

The commandant exercises area coordination over military and civilian employees assigned to Navy activities within the geographic area encompassed by Naval District Washington.  Naval District Washington is known as the "Quarterdeck of the Navy." Commandant, Naval District Washington represents the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) in a variety of matters, including public and diplomatic functions and the presentation of awards and decorations. The commandant also coordinates Navy participation in official ceremonies and serves as deputy commander for the Joint Forces Headquarters—National Capital Region (JFHQ-NCR). 

2018 Vision Goals2018 Vision Goals downloadable high-res copy


Mission Statement

Strengthen the operational readiness of our shore installations.    
Provide ceremonial support for the Navy and National leadership.
Support Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region.

Vision Statement

Become the most agile and adaptive Navy region, enabling optimal tenant
mission support with a reputation as an indispensable mission teammate.


Invest in our people 
Support a workforce organized and prepared to effectively conduct NDW's Navy Shore Support Responsibilities. 

Continue to innovate
Complete development of the NDW Operations Center.

Transform the way we do business
Adopt alternative delivery models that save money and provide increased options for building the fleet of tomorrow.


Teamwork.  We synchronize our efforts to achieve exceptional results for each other and our customers.

Communicate. Teamwork can only be accomplished through collaboration and coordination, vertically and horizontally.

Know your customer.  Spare no effort to enable warfighting readiness and mission accomplishment.  Each decision you make should be grounded in our installations’ and their mission partners’ best interests.  We also support higher headquarters in various roles.  Know their expectations, meet deadlines, and ensure leadership is aware of key issues.

Celebrate each other’s successes.  Value your co-workers’ values, ideas and accomplishments.  Use their innovations as models and be inspired by them to be the best that you can be. 

Respect each other.  No organization can succeed without the existence of a safe environment free of the threat of retribution, reprisal, harassment and inappropriate behavior.  Your actions and professionalism create the climate and set the example. 

Embrace CNIC’s Guiding Principles.  Our daily actions are guided by the principles of: take customer service to the next level, live a culture of continuous improvement, and represent the Navy to the surrounding community. 

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