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Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN)

  • Naval Support Activity Washington's Naval Security Force establish an Incident Command Post during a complex Integrated Training Team exercise at the Washington Navy Yard, Jan. 31, 2018. This was part of an annual two-part, linked Anti-Terrorism Force Protection exercise Citadel Shield- Solid Curtain.(U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Christina Walker/released)


The NDW Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN) is one of the principal tools the Region Commander and installation commanding officers utilize to alert the workforce to destructive weather hazards, emergencies, severe traffic conditions, force protection condition (FPCON) changes, etc., both during and after working hours. The automated telephone notification system (ATNS), one of four sub-systems of the WAAN, enables registered users to receive telephonic, email, and text alerts on devices they designate. Personally identifiable information the user provides is safeguarded. Once registered, a user can update their profile at any time. (Note: the ATNS is a different WAAN sub-system than the one that is CAC-enabled and generates desktop pop-up alerts.)

Personnel are not automatically registered in the NDW WAAN, but must individually self-register. Because the NDW WAAN uses the NMCI domain, only NMCI account users are currently able to self-register. Self-registration is easily done with a Common Access Card (CAC) on a NMCI computer/laptop, using the AtHoc Self-service Client application. To register, or to update an AtHoc profile, the NMCI user needs to log-in from a NMCI computer with the AtHoc Self-service Client application loaded to it.

Download complete AtHoc self service client registration instructions at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: For connectivity issues contact the NMCI Service Desk at 1-866-843-6624, for all other issues or anything that the NMCI Help Desk cannot address, contact Navy 311 @ 1-855-NAVY-311 or 1-855-628-9311.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I register for WAAN?

A: Commander, Naval Installations Command (CNIC) and Commander, NDW require all military (active duty and Reserve), civil service, and contractor personnel with a NMCI user account and assigned to the NDW Headquarters, subordinate installations, and tenant activities to register their office email address and phone number, at minimum, in the NDW WAAN. Registering personal emergency contact information as well is strongly encouraged.

Q: My computer doesn’t have a purple globe icon displayed in the system tray – what should I do?

A: Contact the Navy 311 at 1-855-628-9311 to report the situation. You may then be instructed to contact the NMCI Help Desk to submit a request to have the AtHoc Self-service Client application loaded/reloaded to your NMCI asset (computer/laptop) or otherwise have it activated/reactivated.

Q: I have a purple globe icon on my workstation that I've been told to use to self-register with the NDW WAAN, but it doesn't work.

A: NMCI recently pushed a new version of the AtHoc Client application to the assets (computers & laptops) of all NMCI users to resolve a technical issue with the functionality of the purple globe icon. If your icon doesn’t now enable you to access the AtHoc Self-service Client, contact the the CNIC IT Support Center; depending on your situation you might be further advised to subsequently contact the NMCI Help Desk for assistance.

Q: I registered in the NDW WAAN, but I’m not receiving alerts like my co-workers.

A: Your NMCI asset probably isn’t associated with your current work location and/or your NMCI user account isn’t associated with the organization to which you’re currently assigned. To update your user account and/or information pertaining to your NMCI asset, contact the NMCI Help Desk.

Q: If I have a purple globe icon showing on my workstation, how do I know with which Navy installation my computer/laptop is associated in the NMCI network?

A: Slowly scroll the cursor over the purple globe icon on your computer screen, and a pop-up message should appear that reads "[NDW installation/fence line] [powered by AtHoc]".

Q: I tried all of the NMCI user self-help steps above, but still can't access the AtHoc Self-service Client, what should I do? 

A: Contact the Navy 311 @ 1-855-628-9311.

Q: How do I input my emergency contact information into the WAAN system?

A: The downloadable self-registration instructions walk you step-by-step through the process. In summary -
1. Once the AtHoc Self-service Client is open. Select the "My Info" tab and update your Last Name, First Name, Display Name, Building Number, and Command Name and save. Do not enter PIN information.
2. Select the "Devices" tab and update your "Mandatory Devices" (i.e., work email and work phone number) and save.
3. Updating "Optional Devices" is recommended, but not required.


For network connectivity issues contact Navy 311 @ 1-855-628-9311, or your local NDW Installation Emergency Manager or your organization’s Emergency Management Officer.


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